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  1. General Halloween
    i couldn't find the previous thread. It's a crisp sunny day. I'm watching episode after episode of Sandra Lee's Semi-homemade Halloweens. She MUST be one of us! And she has great tips/tricks/treats that are easy and quick to do. Going pumpkin shopping later and having pumpkin pies for...
  2. Halloween Props
    Light(n)ing question here: For those of you who have the Morris Perfect Storm lightning box, could you describe your setup and provide any tips & tricks to maximize the effect? I'm trying to decide if I should add this to the must-do list for this year. I already have a 500w halogen work light...
  3. Member Introduction
    I love all holidays but especially Halloween and Xmas, which makes The Nightmare Before Christmas perfect for us. We are a Disney lovin' family <3 This year I am trying to make a PVC Jack, the frame is easy enough but the clothing is giving me grief and I am a sewer so shouldn't be having...
  4. Halloween Props
    I was at the Dollar Tree today, and found these awesome blow up eyes. They are $1 a piece and have the blow tube and writing on the front :( Other than that, they're perfect! So, with the eyes and a red t-shirt... I present "Proof of Concept"
  5. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I used this for my skeleton last year i do not need any more i am asking 40.00 plus shipping it is in perfect condition
  6. Halloween Props
    I wish I had thought of this years ago. Whenever I leave the beach when we go as a family I always notice at the trash bins people are throwing away their cheap bogie boards they bought at the local beach shop. Either the canvas wrapping is worn out or they are internally cracked a bit and...
  7. General Halloween
    I think I have a sickness. I've always wanted a working turning tunnel in my haunt. I started staring at our outdoor pool and realized the plastic pipe frame would be perfect if I had another one.... I'm driving my husband crazy. Anyone else see with Xray prop vision?:D
  8. Wanted to Buy
    I know it's cheap and readily available but if anyone has some extra laying around that they want to get rid of, I'm interested. Doesn't have to be in perfect shape but just not tattered to strings. We need a lot of it for this years haunt. Thanks!
  9. General Halloween
    This years weather was perfect for our haunt.
  10. Halloween Props
    Hello everyone, although I have been visiting this site for some time I finally joined this year. It was a great Halloween with perfect weather here in CT. Hope you all had a great year and an even better 2016.
  11. General Halloween
    I finally got my columns, gate, and fence up and all my tombstones (well I might make one more), some lighting and my fog to test it out, tonight was perfect for fog, very little breeze, just enough it blew it across the whole yard and it hung in the air, felt very real..... heres a direct link...
  12. Halloween Props
    Firstly, let me say I'm very pleased with my 2,000 watt outdoor thunder and lightning effect based on two Morris Costumes Perfect Storm units I sourced from Walmart. Believe I got mine for $40 each. I know some of the pricey izombie and firefly units o offer a brownout mode but want to stick...
  13. Halloween Props
    For our Spooky Speakeasy party I was wanting to build a SIB, "Snitch In A Box", my remake of a MIB. I found an add on Craigslist for a company looking to get rid of old pallets and scrap wood. Score. Well when I got there, I came upon this......perfect! I also picked up a couple of large...
  14. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    white witch she spins and talks I am selling a white witch she spins and talks and comes with a skull staff used only for 6 hours in perfect condition 50 plus shipping
  15. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    http://providence.craigslist.org/zip/5247234704.html perfect for that haunted halloween Hawaiian luau
  16. General Halloween
    Yes, i mean right now,this night! (Ravens Grin is open EVERY NIGHT) A perfect night going to waste! A thunder storm overhead, for several hours now (not one of those "Here ? Gone" quickies! Oh, wait.. i guess this night was not the Perfect night.,,, we never lost electricity ! Not "Perfect"...
  17. General Halloween
    An eerie omen of a perfect Saturday Halloween !!!
  18. Wanted to Buy
    Hello, Looking for a used Thunder/Lightning box. Anything from a Perfect Storm to Izombie or Firefly. Really looking for an Izombie or Firefly however. Figured someone might be updating. Not picky if it's stereo or mono. I had a Perfect Storm before so it would be an upgrade for me either...
  19. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Hey Guys and Welcome to Gores Manor, I'm selling my thrashing clown off. Right now no shipping lpu only. He is in perfect condition besides the fact he's missing the Tnt box
  20. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Perfect working order..........120.00 shipped...SOLD!! .