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  1. Rite Aid - Halloween 2016

    General Halloween
    I snapped a few photos of interesting items in Rite Aid this morning. They have all the Halloween at 50 percent off now. An animated mounted raven head, regularly $19.99 (so now $10) Wooden DOTD hanging skellies were $9.99, and pretty nice looking. Huge, but lightweight, foam skulls...
  2. Michael's 2015 Halloween and Halloween Related Items

    General Halloween
    I was in Michael's yesterday and they never disappoint in having items useful for a haunt. Lots of different cloches, all 50 or 60 percent off. These awesome resin chalkboard signs: Bottles in Summer colors:
  3. 40 percent off til Midnight

    I thought there would be some information posted about this year's event by now but can see there hasn't. You can get 40 percent off regular ticket prices up until midnight tonight.