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  1. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hi Everyone, I painted a Pennywise-themed Halloween pumpkin. I am interested in your opinion. I made a tutorial video. Please check the link down below. Have fun!
  2. Halloween 2019 - Pennywise Clown

    Halloween 2019 - Pennywise Clown

    Halloween at the Belantis amusement park
  3. Pennywise Clown Halloween 2019

    Pennywise Clown Halloween 2019

    Halloween at the Belantis amusement park
  4. Pennywise Clown Halloween 2019

    Pennywise Clown Halloween 2019

    Halloween at the Belantis amusement park 2019
  5. Screenshot_20190925-220149_Gallery.jpg


    My little pennywise
  6. Halloween Props
  7. Halloween Props
    Last year, I got a last-minute idea to try and make a Pennywise head prop out of an extra styrofoam head I had at the house. Somehow in 7 years living at my house, I had never thought to incorporate the storm drain in front of my yard! Anyway, you don't need a drain, he looked pretty neat...
  8. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Selling a babyface prop head and costume all you need is a mannequin... the head is not a mask its a prop Also have a 2xl pennywise costume paid 130 it was only used on a mannequin.. asking 85 plus shipping.
  9. General Halloween
    All I'm seeing is kids posting videos on youtube showing the concrete floor and very little props.I did see they repainted the winter dragon ,now it's the FOREST DRAGON (lame) I see Gemmy has a new Pennywise but not one good video of it.
  10. Halloween Props
    Added a new costume to my Morbid lifesize Pennywise
  11. Halloween Props
    Welcome to the Scariest Show on Earth - 2018! So we change our theme every year - which I don't recommend because the neighbors now EXPECT something new and different! I've been barely able to keep up with our website and the forum - but am determined to show some love here on the one and only...
  12. Halloween Props
    hi not sure if everyone who got ahold of the 2017 pennywise, and noticed that it has a sound motion or you can use the supplied really short wired try me button. kind of annoying if there is too much noise the pennywise activates constantly and the try me cord is not long enough, so I decided to...
  13. Halloween Props
    Been thinking about buying a poison props animatronic this year lol tough choice they have a wide selections Im liking the nun prop or pennywise one which one do you guys think is the scariest?
  14. General Halloween
    http://www.halloweencity.com/ They have a cool pennywise, but the voice is lacking available 9/10
  15. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I have this new pennywise costume for sale was going to make a life size pennywise but changed plans I paid $90 on ebay. DOES not include the shoes. Includes top, pants and collar and gloves its a size large asking $40 plus shipping. Here is a video of the exact costume I have for reference
  16. Halloween Props
    Maybe someone can help me figure out this one, I'm trying figure out how to get an image of Pennywise (2017 version from sewer scene) on the wall of my front porch that would be invisible unless a black light is shining on it. I'm thinking of setting up a home automation this year for the...
  17. Halloween Props
  18. Halloween Props
    2 bar lift, 60 rpm 12 volt motor
  19. Halloween Props
    We are doing "It" as our core theme this year. We came up with the idea of re-creating the well from It but using an infinity illusion. All of the previous infinity props I've run across are square or rectangular. Couple of questions: 1) Our well will be circular, will that prevent the...
  20. Halloween Costume Ideas
    After I saw the movie "IT" and I said to my wife Pennywise is super scary!! Then I thought people are scared of clowns aren't they?? Well im going to be Pennywise this year :) So I bought the costume, mask, boots and gloves which im not wearing the gloves in the picture. I did buy the bloody...