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  1. Pneumatic: Pneumatic Peek-A-Boo Penny

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  2. Shindigz Free Shipping Offer on $39+ Expires Tues, 4/26

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    Well the wonderful highly anticipated, and infrequent, Penny Banner sale is over at Shindigz, but they have another good offer for Free Shipping. Orders $39 and over qualify for free ground shipping, Code SZFREE39. Offer expires Tuesday, 4/26 @ 11:59pm EST. The offer text did indicate EST not...
  3. Mechanical: Help with peek a boo penny

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    I never got this working for Halloween, and I got it off eBay months ago so I can't return it. Penny's motion sensor works fine, detects the motion and sings and screams but the head doesn't pop up. I can hear the motor doing something but the head just sits there. Anybody ever have this issue...
  4. Mechanical: Help required with Spirit Halloween Peek a boo Penny?

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    Hi first post from UK Does anybody have a wiring diagram or even a photo of the wiring connected to the 2x motors on the rear of Peek a boo Penny? Some wires have come off and I am trying to fix the issue myself specifically the black wire with solder on it. Any help much appreciated. Thanks...