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  1. Ring Movie Style Well Prop Tutorial

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    Complete Well Prop Tutorial with parts list
  2. Mechanical: Re-purpose that Tombstone Peeper

    Halloween Props
    Here is my re-purposed tombstone peeper that I can use for my Christmas display: Got this build idea from the Barking Hamster on youtube:
  3. Static: Scary Peeper has arrived!!!

    Halloween Props
    Hi all! Brand new here and wanted to share a new prop I am launching this year called the Scary Peeper! Scary Peeper is a hilarious "peeping tom" prank. Mount this creepy guy outside of any window and he will absolutely scare the you-know-what out of your victim! Tons of fun and super...
  4. Scary Peeper has arrived!!!

    Member Introduction
    Hello all! I am so excited to join this forum and can't wait to get to know you all! About me! I am a huge Halloween enthusiast and inventor of the Scary Peeper prank prop. The Scary Peeper is a hilarious prank product launching this year and is selling really well, thank goodness! I am...