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  1. Halloween Machine Summer Edition

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    Hey all, thought you might wanna know about the new issue of the print magazine HALLOWEEN MACHINE. We gave it an overhaul, it's full color and I am really pleased with this issue. Give it a chance if you haven't checked it out. Our own Kurtis Primm contributes regularly. :) It's here! Get ready...
  2. Halloween Machine October 2013!

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    Hey all...this year's print edition of Halloween Machine is now available, and just in time for Halloween! Really cool stuff in this one to help get you in the Halloween spirit...or actually, with this group here that's pretty much in the Halloween spirit 365...ENHANCE your Halloween spirit. :)...
  3. Halloween Machine is back...June-July issue available now!

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    http://www.lulu.com/shop/hallow-harvest/halloween-machine-vol2-issue-1/paperback/product-21058214.html?mid=social_facebook_pubsharefb We're back! The first Halloween Machine of 2013 is loaded with all kinds of tricks and treats for the Halloween obsessed! From home haunters and industry pros...
  4. Halloween Machine OMNIBUS 2012

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    Hey, here's the 2012 Halloween Machine Omnibus. It collects all five issues from the first season in one big book, with bonus stuff. It's the cheapest way to get the whole collection, and enter NOVBOOKS12 to save 20% off through this month. I'm really proud of it. Thanks to all who contributed...
  5. Halloween 2012 WRAP UP...

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    Hey all...here's the final issue of 2012 of HALLOWEEN MACHINE. I want to thank everyone here in the forum that has supported the project with input, suggestions, content, and purchasing. I will be starting the magazine up again around June, and would love to run some more cool stuff from...
  6. Halloween Machine BIG OCTOBER ISSUE!

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    Hi all, the new Halloween Machine has been released, and it's the biggest issue yet, the OCTOBER HALLOWEEN issue! Lots of cool stuff, including "10 Alternate Movies to Watch on Halloween", VAMPIRE DOG DVD Giveaway, "The Making of a Home Haunter" by KPRIMM, home haunt photos from Alan Perkins...
  7. The Halloween Tree

    Horror Discussion
    Here's the link to my Rue Morgue Magazine column about "The Halloween Tree": http://rue-morgue.com/blog/archives/2011/09/01/monster-kid-corner-the-halloween-tree/