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  1. Other: Tombstone patterns?

    Halloween Props
    Ok, now that I can start planning for next year, was wondering if anyone has a source Or if people share their tombstone patterns? I'm looking for the "inner" detail patterns, not the general tombstone shape, though probably be nice to share those if people have them as well. Thanks
  2. Jo Ann Fabrics 2018

    General Halloween
    I didn't see anything on there yet like props, but last year the had some good stuff. Maybe they will have more this year. Some of the fabric patterns looked nice though. I really like these: https://www.joann.com/halloween-cotton-fabric-44in-glow-in-the-dark-haunted-house/15548365.html...
  3. 2016 Pumpkin Carving

    General Halloween
    I was looking around for tips and images for Pumpkin Carving. From your classic Jack-O-Lantern to the elaborate custom carvings, but was surprised not to find much. So Here we go, looking for anything and everything the pumpkin carver could ask for. Feel free to chime in with tips on...
  4. StoneyKins Pumpkin Carving Patterns and Stencils

    Announcements / Press Releases
    Hi All: StoneyKins.com is Running a Special for the Next 2 Weeks. Buy a Pattern Credit Package and Get Double the Credits. We Currently Offer 11,000 Pumpkin Patterns and Stencils to choose From. (700 Brand new this Year) Pattern Credits do not expire until June 30th, 2016...
  5. Needlecraft UrbanThreads Halloween in July Sale

    Halloween Crafts
    Just thought I'd give all of you a heads up that Urban Threads is having a sale this month on skull and skeleton embroidery patterns! (Machine and hand patterns.) http://www.urbanthreads.com/categories.aspx?category=Skulls%20and%20Skeletons&pg=1 I think I'm going to try embroidering a couple...
  6. Free Halloween knitting patterns

    General Halloween
    Hi, here's a link to loads of free halloween themed knitting patterns. Enjoy! Free Halloween knitting patterns Alison
  7. Hello

    Member Introduction
    Hi everyone, LoOking forward to joining the forum. I collect free knitting patterns for Halloween themes. Alison.
  8. Static: gravestone details and patterns

    Halloween Props
    Just wanted to know what tools and equipment you use when creating some of the awesome and fancy patterns/designs on your gravestones. I will add pictures of what i'm talking about later if that helps.
  9. Pumpkin Carving Templates/Patterns

    For Sale By Merchants
    Hi All, Various pumpkin carving templates and patterns with carving instructions and tips for getting the best possible results. Also, free costume ideas, pumpkin pie recipes and seed cooking instruction, costumes ideas and some Halloween party games. Check it out at Pumpkin Patterns ...