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  1. General Halloween
    Some say God is in the details. Others say it's the Devil. Obviously it's neither; in fact it's a skull... What you are seeing is a pumpkin leaf that has been partially eaten by snails then sun bleached white as it has decayed. The images have not been manipulated, color corrected or modified...
  2. General Halloween
    Just got an email from them about their 2019 collections. It's pics in a 360° tour from a trade show in Atlanta. Looks like there's a new witch table topper this year & just tons of other cool but expensive stuff so start salivating & saving now kids!! Halloween. This year there's Krooked...
  3. Wanted to Buy
    So I've been building a bigger and bigger pumpkin patch (all different sized fake lit up ones) for my yard haunt and the day after Halloween I see this beauty on clearance at HD. It's perfect for what I want, add some scarecrows, spot lights, tombstones........perfect. I don't know how I missed...
  4. General Halloween
    Added a few new things this year. The big hit was The Pumpkin Patch Prowler which drew most of the photo ops. Here's Some videos PIcs
  5. General Halloween
    Things are starting to ramp up. As some of you know, I maintain a pumpkin patch in my backyard. This year I am really emphasizing my pumpkin display near my front door. I pretty much have my pumpkins set-up, now I just need to scary it up a little with lights and spiders. My goal is to get this...
  6. Member Introduction
    HELLO , I am THAT HOUSE! The one that goes overboard.. Every year we do a new display and this year I'm doing a Pumpkin Patch. Sound simple enough but not the way we do it. I am here to learn some new tricks .
  7. General Halloween
    It looks like Katherine's Collection will have two new themes this year, one that is more gothic, Dead and Breakfast, and a more traditional theme of Pumpkin Patch. Pictures of the Dead and Breakfast are up at https://www.laraines.com/katherines-halloween.html and Pumpkin Patch at...
  8. Halloween Music
    DOWNLOAD LINK HERE: https://app.box.com/s/h5zbmcgfe0nska2ji67ha01j745hrmcd 1. Scary, Scary Halloween 2. Are You Ready For Halloween 3. The Pumpkin Patch Polka 4. Theme From "The Alfred Hitchcock Hour" 5. The Monster Rap 6. Ghostbuster Theme 7. Halloween Poems 8. The Monster...
  9. General Halloween
    Making a pumpkin patch on one side of my property this year. This is the happy side where we hand out the candy to the little ones. The other side will get a graveyard with holographics. Calling it the "Twisted Pumpkin Patch" and the 1st thing I built for it was my cornucopia made from vines I...
  10. Halloween Props
    Hello everyone, I have been toying with trying to direct my chilled fog so that it give a river effect. I was thinking about using hay bales (pumpkin patch theme) to create dams and redirect the fog. Does anyone have experience with this or hints/tips for me? Your expertise is greatly appreciated.
  11. General Halloween
    I noticed last week that Sam Adams Octoberfest is back on the shelves at the local grocery store and seeing it put a smile on my face. To me it signifies that summer is winding down and the holidays are rapidly approaching. I dont know about you guys but my pumpkin patch is taking a beating...
  12. General Halloween
    Yeah, yeah, I know, it's barely February. But, it's time to start buying seeds, people! We are trying for a 3 sisters garden one last time this year. After our Neon pumpkins last year failed to keep away whatever was eating on the corn due to the lack of prickles on the vines, we are trying...
  13. General Halloween
    1. Pumpkin patch guardian 2. Looking into pumpkin patch porch side 3. Coffin hiding fog chiller ... Worked out well for being cardboard 4. Finally getting fog to creep. Too much wind at times. 5. Corner of house
  14. General Halloween
    Finally done! This is where my pumpkin guardian/scarecrow the keeper of the patch watches over his minions .. By the light of a Halloween Moon .. Some sing ( projection ) .. Some rise up and grow twisted little rooty limbs and creep about ..:confused:
  15. General Halloween
    The Pirates have returned. Driveway is almost 100ft long. Added to the pumpkin patch this year ... singing pumpkins & a corn field. Pirate pumpkin Potato-Head.
  16. Halloween Props
    Worked today on the witch / cemetery shack for our yard haunt. We have been given tons of pallets. Hoping to save the facade somehow to use again next year. Decided to put the witches and cemetery scenes on the large lot next to our home,.,, that way we can do a long walking path out to it. Will...
1-18 of 19 Results