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  1. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    This will be my 6th annual party, we have around 70 people attend. I want to do a cash prize costume contest that people can buy into for $5. I have done them every other year but just for prizes, not money. Do you find it better to have a panel of judges, or guests vote? What system do you...
  2. Member Introduction
    How did I live this long without this blog????? I have been Halloween obsessed for years and have thrown crazy blow outs the past few years. I am going to be able to really step up the game this year with all of the creativity being shared on here. :D I attached just a few photos from my party...
  3. General Halloween
    Anyone on here work for Costco? If so, any words as to if and when they will carry skeletons in 2015? I thought in the past, there were a couple people who were able to give us a heads up.
  4. Member Introduction
    hello all, this is one of my first visits to a sight like this. I'm trying to make connections in the haunting world. mainly trying to get ideas how to get support for a Kickstarter i'm looking to launch. yes it is for a haunted house. one with a twist. (it will be a year round event that...
  5. Member Introduction
    After years of stalking, at last I emerge from the unofficial lurking. I am a nomad and artist that just bought a first home with the hubby around Sacramento, CA. We Had been building a small garage and yard haunt at the home we were renting, but we plan to make this year the biggest yet! I also...
    What is the best way to make the bed shake in our Exorcist room next year. I would assume pnuematics, but we have never worked with them in the past. Not sure where to start or what an estimated cost would be. Any insight would be great
  7. General Halloween
    Compared to most of you, I have a very small setup. I have a strobe, fog machine, and a monster in a box. The monster in a box plays a noise of an actual bear that is growling. The clip is about 5 minutes and loops. Almost nobody in our neighborhood decorates past spider webs. We didn't...
  8. Halloween Props
    How fast can you carve a pumpkin? Here's a lightning fast video of mine! I've been playing with doing one of these each year for the past few. It's fun to play with, even if I'm not as good as the pros :)
  9. Halloween Props
    Hello Everyone We are doing an alien themed room this year for our haunt and would love to see what our fellow haunters have done in the past. What sorts of things did you include? Any pics you could share or advice would be greatly appreciated
  10. Member Introduction
    Hello all. I've lurked around on this forum for the past few years and finally decided to sign up.
  11. Halloween Props
    I'm needing some help getting my Nerve Center to run continuously. It's worked in the past but now not so much. I have a wire jumping the trigger terminals. The trigger light comes on but the prop doesn't fire until I pull the wire OUT. It doesn't seem to matter if I have the trigger set for NC...
  12. Member Introduction
    Greetings fellow haunters! My name is Lucas. I'm the co-owner of "The Curse of Devil Swamp: Home Haunt" in Covina, CA. Some of you may have walked through our mini maze at ScareLA this past August. I wish everyone a great season of scares this Fall. Happy Haunting!
  13. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    We started throwing an annual party five years ago, and it has grown from 8 guests the first year to about 50 last year. This year we're scaling back a little bit, and only inviting our social-circles friends, NOT inviting our professional-circles friends (there were some personality clashes...
  14. Halloween Costume Ideas
    These are some past costumes I used. The prince was used in a fantasy forest for kids. The black outfit was from our haunt and the Grinch is from our Santa visit we put on for the kids.
  15. General Halloween
    Only a mere $45 million for this Connecticut castle with a dark past... I am sure that someone here will jump right on it, so be sure to share pictures of your renovations when you do;) https://homes.yahoo.com/news/connecticut-castle-with-creepy-history-asks--45-million-175636574.html
  16. Member Introduction
    hey everyone, I found this lovely site and loved it. Been lurking for the past couple of days and decided to join and say hello :)
  17. General Halloween
    Hello everyone! So I couldn't help myself I just had to start this thread after the weather we have been experiencing here in New Hampshire over the past week. There has been little to no humidity during the day with a nice breeze and we have had pretty crisp nights for the past week :) The...