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    here's (hopefully, if this link works) a video of my band from this past saturday night, throwing a halloween party on stage. :D
  2. General Halloween
    We had our 19th Annual BOO BASH this past weekend. It was a success. We change themes every year. This year was Movie and TV Monsters past and present. Here are a few photos. I didn't have much time for decorating since I am now working at The Haunted Graveyard at Lake Compounce, here in...
  3. General Halloween
    Was sitting out on my front porch tonight looking over the Yard Haunt thinking about wacky things that have happened in the past. One Year, my daughter came to our bedroom door at about Two in the Morning . "Mom..Dad...there is some guy out front Talking to your Grim Reaper ! " I got up and...
  4. Member Introduction
    Hey all I had to create another account on here cause FB is giving me issues with logging on here with my FB account log in. Has anyone else has issues like that within the past few days. :(:(
  5. General Halloween
    If you own one, feel free to post a picture, your thoughts, and where you bought it. They are becoming more popular so I've been looking around the past year or two for one. Thanks.
  6. Halloween Costume Ideas
    i'm starting to think of ideas for this year's halloween costume, and i thought about going with this: that's usually seen with an uncle sam-type top hat as well. i'm a huge rolling stones fan, and i've done musician costumes in the past (slash, angus young, steven tyler, elvis) but i've...
  7. Halloween Props
    Did Pumpkinrot ever web-publish a tutorial on his materials or methods? I mean Pumpkinrot, himself. So I tried to search the Forums here, and tried searching google, yahoo, etc... But the name "Pumpkinrot" is synonymous with the style - so everyone putting their how-to on line uses his name...
  8. Hi

    Member Introduction
    Hi, I've been directed to this site multiple times in the past by Google, when referencing, figured I'd join to make things easier haha. My wife and I have done some replicas+ a couple costumes over the past few years for Halloween and our HT. I'm really into KKFOS. Hope to gain more knowledge...
  9. Member Introduction
    I have checked your forum out many times in the past for ideas and such and finally decided to join. I love to communicate with creative people about ideas for decorations and such. My wife and I do our yard up for every holiday, but nothing compared with our Halloween. We have more Halloween...
  10. General Halloween
    Hello everyone I have Been building a Haunted house for the past few years fro the annual Halloween party but never made the haunt Public I want to start but I have worries fire hazzardsbulding codes people triping etc I do not know where to start in creating it Anybody Know Any past...
  11. General Halloween
    Twas a tale from a long time ago A spooky tale as the story was told A tale of a Halloween Fright That occurs on every Halloween night Ghosts would appear this time each year Such a sight that made the villagers fear So warnings with sign by candle light doth shine But there's no turning...
  12. General Halloween
    Okay, first a couple of caveats: 1, I've searched for a similar thread and couldn't find one. I thought there might be a sticky for "show your pumpkins" or something. 2. I'm not sure if this belongs in General, or Props, or Decorations. (Mods feel free to move if req'd) SO I'm posting my...
  13. Halloween Props
    I want to do something to protect our latex props and I am thinking of sealing them with silicone. I heard this will give them a glossy look, but is there a way around that? Has anyone done this in the past and what were the results??
  14. Halloween Props
    Hi all, , , , off we go again ! :D Before I start posting this year's fun, thought I might add a couple links to Castles from the past: 2014 Haunted Castle http://www.halloweenforum.com/halloween-props/135401-paxleys-haunted-castle-2014-a.html 2012 Haunted Castle...
  15. General Halloween
    Years past there was always a sticky regarding Halloween tv shows.
  16. Member Introduction
    Hello everyone! My name is Jan and I just joined the forum, although I've visited it several times in the past for ideas. I have always enjoyed Halloween, but have really gotten in to decorating and creating a fun experience for the neighborhood kids (and their parents) over the past 3 years...
  17. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I am feeling slightly behind here..miss seeing what everyone is up to! Our daughter's wedding was this past weekend, and it took all of my creativity and time, and happy to say it was a magical day! Now that it has happened, time to get into the spirit for the 10th annual halloween...
  18. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hello all! We do a party every year and try to do different unique invitations each time. We were thinking of trying to do something with miniature urns and was wondering if anyone has done something with those in the past. I'd love any ideas, suggestions and pictures if you have them. Thanx!
  19. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    This might be a thread already, but in any case, I wanted to see what you all have done for food in the past. Of course, I have seen some great ideas on pinterest and such... but I want to know what you felt were the crowd favorites and overall best decor wise overall. If you can share a photo...
  20. Member Introduction
    Greetings friends, I have been doing yard haunts for 5 years, with each one getting larger and larger. I used this site in the past to inspire some ideas. I look forward to seeing some new and genius ways to make the best holiday ever even better.