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  1. Member Introduction
    Hello all from South Florida, Happy to be joining the forum!! I have been doing my home haunt for the past 15+ years. Always looking for new and creative ways to freshen up the haunt. The overall theme of Rader Manor is a graveyard with static props, home made pop-ups, fog chillers, lightning...
  2. General Halloween
    Figures, just when I thought I was going to have 3 fog machines this year… A couple of months ago, I tested our main fog machine and it was fine. The cheap 400W Chauvet and the 1000W no-name brand I got from Goodwill had seized up, so I put a 50/50 vinegar solution in and ran them, which...
  3. Halloween Props
    Hello, These are some props I've made recently. I've made a number of shrunken heads in the past, but these are my most recent works. I like how they came out. Two of them are made from polymer clay, and the one in the dome is made from papier-mache. I had a lot of fun decorating them.
  4. General Halloween
    We bought a new house in January and getting ready to setup for this year next weekend. i am sure a lot of people have been here, but nervous for the new neighborhood to see what we do. Not only hoping it goes over well, but the yard is so much different really don't know where to start or how...
  5. General Halloween
    I know there is software that allows you to specify what size object you want to make and it will break up the photo in to multiple parts so when it is all taped together it is the size you need. Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the software or find it when I googled it. Does anyone...
  6. Member Introduction
    I’ve been reading the forums for the past year for inspiration for our front yard. I figured it was time to sign up and join the conversations.
  7. General Halloween
    I live in MN where school doesn't start until after Labor Day. That means stores just put out Halloween stuff last week. I feel like the amount of Halloween decorations (specifically for outdoors) has been on the decline the last couple years. My city doesn't not have a Spirit Halloween this...
  8. Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hey there, I've searched several websites and local shops over the past month and haven't found anything that I'm looking for, and it's incredibly frustrating :p. This year I'm looking to run with a Sirius Black costume since I already have the beard and hair. The only things I've been able to...
  9. General Halloween
    My Secret Reaper mania has reached new heights this week as I eagerly anticipate sign up starting soon followed by the bittersweet wait for victims. (I know I am not alone based on the other thread I see announcing it is coming soon!) Spookerstar, GraveyardQueen and I have been talking about...
  10. General Halloween
    For the past 35 years I have built a haunt for my community. It started out in my parents garage and then when I got my own home I moved it to my house. Then 8 years again I struck a deal with the local youth bureau and conducted the Haunt in one of there recreation buildings. In 35 years no one...
  11. General Halloween
    Having nice warm weather here this week so have been working on cleaning out our garage, taking out batteries in my new dino props and getting ready to store them. Garage doors were open when a guy and his two kids were walking past. He said hi and replied hi back. Then as his young daughter...
  12. Member Introduction
    My name is Brent, I started a Halloween party this past year with some friends. What turned from being a couple of us going out to a party dressed up, ended up being a party with over 100 people invited. The weather made it somewhat of a lower turnout then we expected, but we still had a great...
  13. General Halloween
    i've never made tombstones, but in the past i've often used the cheap foam tombstones that are about a foot or so tall that you get at dollar tree or other places. i told my wife recently that i wasn't going to use those anymore because they don't stand up and they break and they're generally...
  14. Member Introduction
    Hello all! I've visited as a guest before but this year decided to join the fun! I help put together a haunted house every year (for the past 4) and am excited to try some new things that I've seen posted here. Looking forward to chatting with a few of you ;).
  15. Wanted to Buy
    Looking for some of the trees that you would find on display in Spirit Halloween stores during the past few years. Tree is approximately 8 ft tall, 4-6 ft wide and made of resin type material.
  16. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Many talk about having 30, 50, 70+ people at their parties, and my past parties get maybe 10 max. Who are you all inviting to get those numbers? :)
  17. Halloween Props
    Hey all! I am thinking of building a prop that would require a small wood door (about 3 ft tall) to continuously open and close. Does anyone have any advice or tutorials on how to best achieve this? I am pretty basic with my motorized skills and have only really used reindeer motors in the past...
  18. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Pictures of some of my props from my haunted hospital party this past weekend!
  19. Halloween Props
    Or should I say came through!! This was built for our Pirate themed party this past weekend. Our guests entered through the opening in the side
  20. General Halloween
    This is from our "CLOVER CT. CHAOS" yard haunt, cornfield area