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  1. Took over an hour to get logged in

    Site Issues and Feedback
    Forgot password, reset password, and been fighting with unreadable Solve Media captcha puzzles... The audio version of them is just as bad with the robotic voice...
  2. Third Profile.... And not counting... Ill stay w this one, thx

    Member Introduction
    Heyyy... Soooo, I couldn't remember the password from original account and it wouldn't accept Saved password thru Google, sooo I started new account earlier, last month, I think. Then, HF informed me they could merge that new account w the old one, and I said perfect. I got an email to change my...
  3. Can't log in

    Site Issues and Feedback
    Hey it's really blackfog, been a member since 2009 and cannot log in. Keep getting invalid username or password! I did the can't remember password cause that was the only way to get in. I received an email with a new password code and said that I was deadwood??? I checked my account its here but...
  4. Someone tried to log in to my account?

    Off-Topic Stuff
    I did not know where to post this question. I received an email saying that there were 5 incorrect login attempts on my account. I changed my password just to be safe. Is this a glitch or should I be concerned?