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  1. Thanks for having me!!

    Member Introduction
    Hello new friends! I wanted to introduce myself, although I've already been on some other threads. My name is Kaitlin, I live in Houston...but I'm originally from a small NC town. I miss actual fall so much, it's not even funny! I am a teacher, and I love it, it's my passion in life. My other...
  2. Hello

    Member Introduction
    Hello Everyone, My name is Dee. I love throwing parties and over the years family and friends have enlisted my help in throwing their parties. So, I've taken my passion and started a blog to share my passion with others. A Halloween party is my favorite party to throw so I've joined...
  3. Help, Hinder, or Non-Factor?

    General Halloween
    Your friends and family, that is. I have greatly appreciated family help on and around the Day with things like stuffing, sorting, and counting treat bags and helping with distribution during TOT. The rest is pretty much just my project and passion. For that reason, I try to keep things out...
  4. Hi Im Thea :)

    Member Introduction
    Hello all, new to this website and thought id share my passion for making things for Halloween. I actually started last year because I really wanted a raven, but didn't want to pay much for it. So it started with paper Mache and just continued to expand to all sorts of different mediums to build...