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  1. Pneumatic: Air Cannon firing sequance

    Halloween Props
    Hello all, Ive built an Air Cannon using a CO2 Fire extinguisher and air/water solenoid valve to control the release of compressed air. Using an Arduino, I want to trigger the solenoid for maybe 1 second ON then 1 Second off, for 3 bursts, then wait for 5 Mins, then start all over again. I've...
  2. Heylo all

    Member Introduction
    Hi, never posted when I signed up, so figured I would post now. Started decorating when I was a little kid at my parents house. Now 30+ years later I have a new house, and while I did some decorating at my previous house, I have been going full throttle, probably because my daughter recently...
  3. Hapy Mother's Day

    Off-Topic Stuff
    My mother passed away in 2002 so I will wish a Happy Mother' Day to all the Mother's out there.
  4. Dear Zacherley, Rest in Peace.

    General Halloween
    Today we lost an icon, and the timing is bitter. Those of you who trip the dark fantastic, who live not in the sunlight world of normalcy but reside instead in the midnight of horror, will know the name Zacherle. He died at the age of 98, and the graveyard is quiet. For those of you not in...
  5. How Do You Celebrate Hallowe'en or Samhain?

    General Halloween
    This time of year is very special for me. I celebrate Samhain and Hallowe'en. I have to do my Samhain rituals unfortunately without anyone knowing since that's not approved in my house. I'm pagan, parents Christian. Anyway, that's not the point. I celebrate both. I decorate for Hallowe'en, dress...
  6. It had to be a sign

    General Halloween
    On my road trip last week, Thriller started playing on the radio as I passed a flatbed full of pallets just before I got to this sign
  7. Static: Free toe pincher coffin.

    Halloween Props
    Was at work today, minding my own business when one of the servers from the hotel restaurant stops me in the lobby and says hay, want a coffin. My first reaction was , yeah I can think of a couple to bury today. She laughs and says, oh nobody told you yet. What? I replied. I have a coffin for...
  8. Static: Get Back To Clowning

    Halloween Props
    Hi Guys, I haven't been on the forum for a while as sadly my Grandma passed away in January. We were exceptionally close, and I looked after her the week before and was with her when she passed away. I kind of thought that trying to be crafty and make a start on all these big ideas I had for...