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  1. Inked Magazine!

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    Hi Ghoul Gang, I am a contestant in the 2018 Inked Cover Girl contest and would REALLY appreciate my Halloween community to vote for me! You can vote one time per day, each day...I really need this help so please vote and share on social (make sure you read my bio as I talk about my plans for...
  2. Static: anyone recognize this frame

    Halloween Props
    this frame was used on a huanted bust that follows you. I now have two other similar props I would like to use the same frame for. but the place I got it from doesnt have them anymore. It was a part of the bust they sold. I only need the frame.
  3. Hello from Canada!

    Member Introduction
    Hey Everyone, I was a part of this forum a few years ago but life became super chaotic and I lost touch. I don't even remember what my username used to be! My name is Jeremy and I am from Newfoundland, Canada. I am an obstetrics nurse with a huge passion for Halloween! I am very happy to have...
  4. Spirit Halloween Limb Ripper Werewolf wanted

    Wanted to Buy
    Hi, Looking for a working or non-working Limb Ripper from Spirit. Anyone have one they would part with?
  5. Projector tips for outdoor use with a high level of ambient light?

    General Halloween
    Hi everyone! I'm looking into the idea of using a small projection as part of my setup this year, but as I'm in Australia I need to allow for the fact that the bulk of TOTs will be coming by while it's essentially day time. I love AtmosFEARfx's 'Jack O' Lantern Jamboree' but I'm not sure what...
  6. For Sale: Creepy Collection Valak & Frightful Fangs Props

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Hi guys, I've decided to part with two of my props from Creepy Collection; these are extremely detailed, high quality handcrafted pieces! They've only been displayed indoors as part of my collection and are in perfect condition. These are both part of CC's "midrange" line, meaning the prop is...
  7. Hello from Colorado

    Member Introduction
    Hello from Colorado! Long time lurker - looking forward to actually being part of the conversation. Sp00ky
  8. New BIG SCARY SHOW: 6th annual Spooktacular!

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    New BIG SCARY SHOW - 6th ANNUAL SPOOKTACULAR!! Episode 156 Wow, can you believe it? the Big Scary Show is 6 years old! Our Anniversary show is Big And Scary at just over 3 hours long! We have some more interviews from Transworld 2018, conducted by special correspondent Wicked Wendy, as she...
  9. Atmosphere Effects: Trying to decide where to place hollusion type effect

    Halloween Props
    OK, So the front of the house is almost done, and I have my clown front up. (for the most part) What I'm trying to decide now, is if I want kids to go up to get the candy from inside the Clown (porch) ... I wanted to do a floating smokey head telling them to get out. However I'm not sure if I...
  10. Need help finding a timer

    Halloween Props
    I purchased a sound activated prop and want to remove the sound part and replace it with a time that turns on every 5 minutes. here is a picture of the wiring. hoping i can just cut out the microphone part and replace it would a timer.
  11. Electronic/Software: Name that part...

    Halloween Props
    Hi , can someone help me identify the name of this electronic part that the red arrow is pointing to and what size it is by the 104 marked on the tan button and also what does it do exactly on this 6V motor from one of my props. The motor is suppose to turn the spindle a certain degree and then...
  12. Hi from NJ

    Member Introduction
    I'm excited to be a part of this forum!
  13. Mechanical: Prop help / stabbing arm gear issue

    Halloween Props
    The good news: After years of searching , I have finally obtained my all time sought after prop. The Morbid Enterprise Life Size Capt. Spaulding animated prop. He was in great shape and the head and mouth move and sound is clear and loud but the armature that attaches to the gear box that...
  14. Static: 2 part foam

    Halloween Props
    Hey, I just stumbled across this while looking for a better option for Great Stuff, and wanted to share. It's a 2 part foam for insulation but available in a smaller quantity. http://www.homedepot.com/p/Touch-n-Foam-15-Board-Foot-Polyurethane-2-Component-Spray-Foam-Kit-4006002506/204352574
  15. Static: The Overseer

    Halloween Props
    The last of our large props for this year. standing at just under 7' tall, it will be a part of our witch forest and look down at the guests as they wait to go through the haunt. http://www.halloweenforum.com/members/jdubbya-albums-the-overseer.html
  16. Lens for large rotating colored disco ball

    Wanted to Buy
    I recently bought one of these at a yard sale and a few of the lenses are missing. Does anyone have an old one laying around that doesn't work and would be willing to part with a few or all of the lenses? Looks like the lenses for the smaller ones will work also. Have been searching online...
  17. ISO : Replacement part for Gemmy Life Size Monster

    Wanted to Buy
    In search or this piece pictured below for a repair of a Gemmy life sized party monster. It's the plastic neck collar assembly that fits into the base of head. With or without connectors doesn't matter . I'm sure someone has a life size out of commission in salvage condition that may be willing...
  18. Posting images ideas (PHOTOBUCKET policy changes)

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Just a word of warning: Photobucket has just changed their terms of usage in the past few weeks with hardly any notice. The big takeaway of this is they no longer support 3rd party hosting, which is pretty much what every single person using Photobucket used them for - copying the Photobucket...
  19. Part 2 Jason Sack Mask CLEARANCE SALE $35

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Part 2 Jason sack masks, CLEARANCE SALE $35 shipped, save $40 for a limited time! Original price ($75) Ready to ship! http://www.ebay.com/itm/Friday-The-13th ... 2404597732
  20. Prop Showcase: Friday the 13th Part 3: Mrs.Voorees Life size Display Bust :Lady in the Lake

    Halloween Props
    Hi everyone! Happy New Year. Well I've been busy with projects and new sculpts. Here is my lastest . It's a Lifesize Mrs. Voorhees bust from F13 Part 3:. A lot of work went into bringing this to life. She is a multi layer paint job. Bust also is given a wet look as she is coming out of the Lake...