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  1. It was a "Halloween Miracle" - 2018 Photo Album

    General Halloween
    This year we came as close to getting rained out as ever before. It was beautiful weather for several days leading up to Halloween and was very nice that day until about 11:00 or 12:00. Then the rains came and it got cold. But the Halloween gods smiled upon us and about 1 hour before the...
  2. I need advice for Crowd Control issues at my haunt

    General Halloween
    I need some advice how to handle the situation with I have a large number of people that want to go through my tiny one-car garage haunt. I had about 200 visitors and maybe half of them wanted to walk through... When the groups were small, I asked them to walk through slowly and enjoy. It's...
  3. Static: What to do with garage doors?

    Halloween Props
    Hi guys, I'm just wondering what you all do to cover your garage doors? Last year I bought photography back drops and taped them on, they were a huge hit, the parents loved taking photos of their kids in front of them. I am changing it up a little having bought new scenes for this year. I was...
  4. Heylo all

    Member Introduction
    Hi, never posted when I signed up, so figured I would post now. Started decorating when I was a little kid at my parents house. Now 30+ years later I have a new house, and while I did some decorating at my previous house, I have been going full throttle, probably because my daughter recently...
  5. Halloween (1978 original) released in 4K!

    Horror Discussion
    I didn’t see a thread started yet but wanted to let y’all know that halloween is going to be released in October in 4K. I personally hope it’s in Dolby Atmos too but don’t know for sure yet. Anyway can’t wait to purchase it!!!!
  6. Trick Or Treat Friday 27th

    General Halloween
    In Funkstown, Md., which is a very small town in western Maryland, they had Trick or Treat night on Friday the 27th.Our place is a simple neighborhood front yard,not a professional haunt, but we were working on last minute props and fixes right up until the last minute. First the trick or...
  7. Honoring the dead. Anyone manage this in their Halloween?

    General Halloween
    Over the last couple years, we've had our fair share of death. My wife lost her parents, I lost my grandmother, the kids have lost a couple pets. During this time, Talia has become interested in the Day of the Dead through a couple of books she's reading, and asked if we could build an...
  8. The Horror On Harvard ft Lehigh Terror

    General Halloween
    I did my backyard (well 2/3 of my backyard) and our son did a Hellbilly themed maze haunt in the 2 wooded lots next door. It was a lot of work, especially since our son could only come (2 hour drive) for maybe 4 hours at a time with an occasional overnight stay with his Wed/Thurs day off...
  9. Greetings from MD

    Member Introduction
    Hello all...I've read a lot of threads here over the years and decided to finally register. We started a few years ago doing a haunted trail for my kids friends, the only direction was that it couldn't be lame. The first year we made a couple props and had some parents in the woods to activate...
  10. Halloween for kids under 6

    Member Introduction
    Hello Parents of younger kids... under 6. Has anyone experienced parts of this great night of Halloween scary for kids? We always told them it was a fun night where people dress in anything they want and it's all for fun. I even eased my kids a week prior by reading them spooky stories...
  11. Raven's Grin Inn � Mt Carroll, IL

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    New Article="GOOD!" She is a young woman , writing for a local tourist magazine, but guess what? She got everything RIGHT! I am Very Happy with the work that she did. (Now if the photographer could have only taken a picture of the back of my head, instead of my old, scary face! ) Plain to...
  12. 2016 Theme; 95% sure on TCM

    General Halloween
    So, I am pretty positive I am going to do the theme for my 2016 haunt as Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I am pretty stoked to wield the chainsaw and literally scare the **** out of kids and parents. This is all so very preliminary so any and all ideas are welcome. Keep them coming!
  13. An Elementary Halloween Carnival!

    General Halloween
    I wish that I had...and could post images of our elementary school carnival. We had a 3D (in the first 3 rooms) , 4,800 square foot Haunted House in completion with an Architect, Good Old Parent Volunteers and Universal Horror Nights Tech creating the experience. I am humbled by the dedication...
  14. Halloween ASL

    General Halloween
    I stumbled upon these ASL signs for Halloween phrases and thought someone here might be interested in case you encounter a hard of hearing/non-verbal trick or treater and/or their parents. Here's a gif on how to sign "Happy Halloween" (So cute!) There's a couple more in this video, as well.
  15. My Introduction

    Member Introduction
    Hello everyone! My name is Jan and I just joined the forum, although I've visited it several times in the past for ideas. I have always enjoyed Halloween, but have really gotten in to decorating and creating a fun experience for the neighborhood kids (and their parents) over the past 3 years...
  16. What I have done for Halloween

    General Halloween
    Live in Virginia for one how scary is that lol. I done the Haunted Lab at the Science Museum. Helped out the one in Pilot Va. Did the Haunted House in Elliston Va. Did the Haunted House in Shawsville VA before we moved to Elliston . And one Home a haunt in Christiansburg Va Love to hear...
  17. 4th Parade

    General Halloween
    Our haunt got asked to participate in Oklahoma's largest parade. We must have done our job because some parents have complained to the local news. LOL
  18. Whatever Happened to "Thank You?"

    General Halloween
    My only TOT complaint this year? Very few TOTs said thank you- and most of those had to be prompted by parents saying, "What do you say...?" What about you guys?
  19. The House at the End of the Street (First Annual Backyard Haunt)

    General Halloween
    Our first haunt went off very well! I have to thank my parents who came over last minute to help out, and my husband who worked tirelessly all day since I couldn't take the day off of work. We didn't get very many TOT's (only about 25), but that was up from last year. I'm hoping the word will...
  20. YES!!!.....Child's school stands their ground on "Halloween".

    General Halloween
    I have 3 kids, two are older now, and my youngest is in 1st. grade. We live in IL. and this is the first time ever we have ran into a situation in which two parents are complaining this year about the kids annual "Halloween parade" at school, & a field trip to the local pumpkin farm. The...