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  1. Hello from the DMV!

    Member Introduction
    Hello! My neighbor and I have hosted a haunt going on 9 years now. This year's theme will be the final arctic voyage of Frankenstein's ship. Just returned from Pensacola where the Mardi Gras parade was chock full of ideas for large-scale ship props! Halloween already on the brain...
  2. Pirate Theme 2018

    General Halloween
    We recently moved back to our home state so this will be the first time in roughly 20 years that my whole family will be together. We are all doing one big Pirate yard display, party and parade float. I’ve been pouring over everyone’s pirate threads and posts. Such inspiring work. We will be...
  3. How I make Halloween last 6 weeks...

    General Halloween
    For the last few years, my brother and I have been driving his hearse in the Worlds of Fun amusement park Halloween Haunt parade in Kansas City, MO. Haunt happens every Friday and Saturday night from mid-September until Halloween, and is opened at dusk by the Overlords Awakening, where a...
  4. Jacks Nightmare parade float.

    General Halloween
    We did a parade float last year. The Nightmare Before Christmas figure where crafted from paper clay, PVC plastic, custom clothing and months of time. The 5 singing faces where built out of EMT conduit, wire mesh and LED rope lighting. They run off of LOR controllers. We had custom banners made...
  5. Dancing Witches Cedar Point HalloWeekends Parade 2015

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    Never too late to upload the last of my Cedar Point Amusement Park's HalloWeekends vids in January ^v^ The first Witch Dance starts @ 1:20 min the optic green shawls and the way some of them wear their Witch hats is fun. They're Dancers from the Magic Show they had which is linked at the end of...
  6. Spider float for a parade!

    General Halloween
    I'm making a 16' spider for a parade float. Of course I am thinking cobwebs.. maybe a big tree that the spider is walking off of. Victims hanging in the webbing.. small spiders all over. My question, the float will be pulled by a extra large old convertible car that is black. I have the...
  7. Minimal Effort got maximum results?

    General Halloween
    Last night we were very busy at the house (Ravens Grin Inn) So morning came too early for me to get my planned display items situated for use in the Jeep at a parade 18 miles away, and besides that there was only rain and more rain in the forecast. I was going to fold down the convertible roof...
  8. 4th Parade

    General Halloween
    Our haunt got asked to participate in Oklahoma's largest parade. We must have done our job because some parents have complained to the local news. LOL
  9. Halloween Parade next May

    General Halloween
    My hometown has an annual grilling contest, and teams always make parade floats and do a skit from their float in front of judges for prizes. My family and friends have entered for the past several years without success. THIS NEXT YEAR, however, they have allowed me to head up our float/skit...
  10. YES!!!.....Child's school stands their ground on "Halloween".

    General Halloween
    I have 3 kids, two are older now, and my youngest is in 1st. grade. We live in IL. and this is the first time ever we have ran into a situation in which two parents are complaining this year about the kids annual "Halloween parade" at school, & a field trip to the local pumpkin farm. The...
  11. Halloween Parade in Tom's River New Jersey

    General Halloween
    http://2coolghouls.blogspot.com/2014/10/2014-halloween-parade-in-toms-river-new.html I attended the Annual Halloween Parade in Tom's River New Jersey last Saturday awesome seeing community get into Halloween big time!
  12. Hello from Kansas City!

    Member Introduction
    Hi, I'm Jim. Computer geek by day... Ghoul by night! My main Halloween activity (as of last year) is participating in the Worlds of Fun (amusement park) Halloween Haunt parade. My brother owns a hearse and last year, he was asked to drive it in the parade, which officially starts the Haunt each...
  13. Halloween parade float

    Halloween Prop Building Group
    Hi guys, I am very excited about halloween and have everything ready right now for this year, But i am also pumped about next year that i want to make a parade float. And here is the problem, I have no idea what the theme and the design its going to be. By that i want you guys to ask if some one...
  14. A Busy Day and Night.. then the battery died!

    General Halloween
    The battery on my Spook-mobile which was to be in a parade 17 miles away at 9:30 that morning, as I am finding a dead battery in the car at 2am, that same morning and it's a Holiday, nothing will be open. Plan "B". I cobbled together a display of sorts on my 2008 Jeep Wrangler. The weather...
  15. Vampire Slayer/Hunter Costume (Looking for feedback or suggestions)

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Happy Early Halloween everyone! I hope all of you are having an eerie time perfecting your spooky outfits. This year, I am going to be attending the Las Vegas Halloween Parade(http://www.thelasvegashalloweenparade.com/) as the stereotypical Vampire Slayer! I've been hard at work perfecting this...
  16. Costumes for UFO parade (Star Wars)

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    So I made some costumes for my kids to go to a UFO parade in McMinnville OR. I kinda know some guys in the Mandalorian Mercs, so we met up with them and had a lot of fun. This is my son, Hunter, as Barf from Spaceballs. My oldest, Alex, as Anakin Skywalker. Fresh from a pod race. ...and...