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  1. Prop Showcase: witch/Hag sculpt using paper clay

    Halloween Props
    My first try using paper clay over a foam head. Before: After: needs some touch up, another layer of shading but most of all a better wig and hat!!:D
  2. Other: Alternative to paperclay ?

    Halloween Props
    First off i would like to say that if this thread is in the wrong section then moderators go ahead and move it to a more appropriate place. On to the question, basically is there an alternative to paperclay ?, i am the uk and can't seem to find it anywhere. Has anyone in the uk ever used a good...
  3. Static: Aucellus, the decaying bird

    Halloween Props
    Aucellus (or Aucky, as I've come to call him) hobbles more than he flies. His mangy feathers are no longer beautiful plumes, and mainly serve to hide his rotting, skeletal frame. He has one cataract eye that - while presumably sightless - still follows any movement nearby though the type of...
  4. Static: Marmota Monax

    Halloween Props
    Here is my newest creation inspired by the marmot family of animals. He's mainly made of paper mache, paper pulp, paper clay, recyclables, florist foam and dog fur. The first image best shows how he looks under normal lighting. While he looks washed out in the the other images, it's the camera...