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  1. Papercraft ShadowPuppet MythoBeastie Amphitere

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    Here we have Mr. Amphitere (am-fi-teer-ay), from a series I've done about mythological creatures. Amphitere is the name for a classification of dragon with a legless, snake-like body and wings. It possessed powers such as hypnotic eyes and therefore was appointed as guardian of wealths such as...
  2. Mr. Spider PaperDoll 1st in a series

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    Here we have Mr. Spider, from a series I've done about mythological creatures. Whether frightening Miss Muffet or lurking in corners, spiders are generally regarded as unsavory characters. I recommend keeping a few around. The cobwebs tend to hold the dust in place (one must watch one’s...
  3. Papercraft Two-Headed Snake

    Halloween Crafts
    :DAn amphisbaena is a two-headed snake. This paper doll comes with 26 parts, including a wheel, a unicycle seat, and an undigested meal. “Hey,” says Mr. Amphisbaena, “Which end of me binges and which end purges?” I would consider this to be a project for an experienced paper doll...