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  1. Static: How Could I Go About Recreating This Scene?

    Halloween Props
    Hi All! I'm new here- I decided to sign up because I made my first Halloween scene this year and had such a great time. Now I'm already thinking about next year... I want to do a Pirates of the Caribbean scene from The Curse of the Black Pearl, specifically the treasure cave scene. I would like...
  2. Static: Graveyard keepers quarters and grounds prop

    Halloween Props
    This will be the new attraction at the yard haunt this year. One side of the yard will be all graveyard, the garage will be an asylum with drop panels and the electric chair and then the other side of the yard will be the Graveyard keepers quarters with the new haunted cabin prop, fence and...
  3. Prop Showcase: Facade build 2018

    Halloween Props
    Asylum facade build 2018 Ok update as of 10/31/2018 for those that don't want to go through the whole thread All set up and ready for Halloween! Got the Arkham Asylum sign done! Got the door and the stone columns on and it's set up in the front yard!!! Testing the lighting The...
  4. Ideas wanted: How to add a clown theme to a graveyard/asylum yard haunt theme

    General Halloween
    Hello Everybody!!!! So excited to be back and for Fall (finally, it's been hot in Oklahoma) and the best holiday ever. This year I'm already busy building a new gallows prop (last one rotted) and since I have the lumber, a new guillotine will be started soon. But I do have need for some ideas...
  5. Cheap and Easy Tombstone Projector Disquise

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    It seems that Halloween haunt video projections are everywhere now. What was just a few years ago only seen in high end commercial haunts or Disney and similar attractions are now available to the average home haunter like me. From fun and entertaining singing pumpkins (my personal favorite) to...
  6. Static: Help with exterior brick facade 1900's

    Halloween Props
    Hey Guys I need some help! We do a large home haunt in upstate new york and we are redoing our facade. Our set has a theme of a 1900's sanatorium. We are aiming for the brick building style. I was thinking about using the brick panels are Lowe's and age them but they are made of hardboard...
  7. Static: Dear Brilliant Prop Folks!! I need help!

    Halloween Props
    I found some vinyl sheet flooring that looks like stone. The idea is to cut it into strips that are the perfect size to cover each of my garage door panels. I need all of you guy's brilliance to figure out how to attach it to the garage panels. Magnets don't work well, because they...
  8. Static: Outdoor Wall Panels- Monster Mudding them?

    Halloween Props
    I have decided to build re-usable wall panels for my yard haunt. I ordered 60" burlap (100 Yards) to build out the panels, 7 feet tall. My walk through is a cemetery theme and I was thinking about monster mudding the burlap sheets on the panels to keep them from rotting since I will store them...
  9. Haunted House Wall panels for SALE

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    8 wall panels for sale, used them for a yard haunt for 2 years, well built and garage kept. Ive since stopped setting up my yard for Halloween so if your interested in the panels I will throw in some small knick knacks I still have like netting, lanterns and small foggers. Just trying to clean...
  10. Large Lot of Used 3D Vacuuform Panels & 3D Props

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD All of these items were purchased new in 2010. All items are sold as-is. Buyer is responsible for pick-up/shipping from zip code 33525. We will not/cannot palletize these items. They MUST be picked up. No exceptions. - 23 x Skull vacuform Panels - 14 x Pipe vacuform...
  11. Dungeon Theme Help!!!

    General Halloween
    Last year was my first Halloween at my new house and prop build. I am looking to expand my display this year and needs some ideas! I am not sure what to do with the second level of the house, it looks really plain and blank and I need some ideas. I do plan on building some more panels for the...
  12. 6x8 haunt panels - 9 total - FREE

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I have 9 haunt panels that are 6 x 8. Black landscape fabric on thin wood frame. I used once for a walk thru in my garage. Pickup only. Pickup is in north suburbs of Columbus OHIO.
  13. Spirit Halloween Area 31 Capsule

    Product Reviews
    So, I splurged this year and bought the Area 31 capsule from Spirit. Here's my thoughts: The Good: It's BIG. Approx 6ft tall It's cool. It lights up, has an IR trigger, can be used with a step pad, and looks super cool with the addition of a fog machine. It also comes with a fog machine...
  14. Other: Faux metal panels

    Halloween Props
    Hello group: New member here. I am working on a horror film and I need to build a creepy metal asylum like room and I am having issues building faux metal panels like the ones posted in the tutorials. Is there anyone in the group that has these walls or sells them at a resonable price? Any...
  15. Painting How to paint plastic sheets to look like wood panels

    Halloween Crafts
    Last year I made a corridor with some haunted portraits. I want to do this again but I would like to give a more haunted mansion feeling. I would like to paint the bottom part of the plastic cheet to look like wood panels but have no idea how to do this. Any ideas or tips?
  16. Static: Skull Wall Panels for Halloween Project in Chicago

    Halloween Props
    Hello, I am looking for skull wall panels for a temporary Halloween installation. But I'm hoping you may have more options and solutions. Please feel free to reach out to me to discuss further.
  17. Dyeing Fabric Questions..help please!

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hey Haunters! I'm hoping someone who makes costumes or sews or is used to working with fabric can help me... I have a bunch of king sized sheets I have been collecting and I want to make them into haunt panels (stretching the sheets over a wood frame to use as walls). I want the fabric to be...
  18. FULL Catalog of Vacuum Formed Scenic Panels

    For Sale By Merchants
    Provost Displays has been a leading manufacturer in the film and theater industry for over 30 years and we are now expanding our catalog by adding panels specifically designed for Halloween and Haunted Attractions. Images of a few of our new pieces are below. (FYI: the Coffin is sold as a 3...
  19. Static: Help with Monster Mud panels

    Halloween Props
    After our crypt build in 2014, we took off 2015 to recover- and boy, did we hear about it! DH took our son out ToT'ing and got stopped by almost everyone they encountered, lamenting the lack of Halloween decorations...so this year, we're trying to really go all out, covering the entire front of...
  20. Brain In A Box

    Halloween Music
    Received the "Brain In A Box" science fiction music box set (put out by Rhino) for Christmas. Great packaging! If you're not familiar with it, the silver metal box has lenticular panels inset on the front and sides, representig a 3D "brain in a box" science experiment gone mad.