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  1. Pneumatic: 2015 Pandora's Box Prop

    Halloween Props
    This is my 2015 Pandora's Box prop build. I was thinking of a large jewelry box or arc of the covenant box as inspiration. The sides are gold spandex that's been aged with clothing ink. The trim is pink insulation foam that's been shaped and covered in EasyFlo 120 liquid plastic. There are...
  2. Classical dark/horror music on pandora

    Halloween Music
    im a pandora nut.....love love love my stations ive made.........thought id share this if you havent done it already....go on google and pull up the favorite or top classical halloween horror dark music and put them on your station.. some of the pieces i had not heard and read the comments at...
  3. Fog: Need some creative help

    Halloween Props
    I recently finished building a 2' x 2' fog chiller box for this year's Halloween. At first I was going hide it in the back of my yard, behind another prop as it pumped out ground fog. Then I thought, why not just incorporate into my haunt - as a stand-alone prop (as it's kicking out fog) -...
  4. Who's got Pandora??

    Halloween Music
    Woooo, I love my Pandora on my phone and have several stations.........it occurred to me this weekend to start two halloween stations, one for movie sound tracks and the other for halloween songs.........its booooo ti ful....and i am playing it off my new blue toof pumpkin from cracker...
  5. Pandora Halloween Station is Horrible now!

    Halloween Music
    I do listen to the Halloween Radio here, but I also listen to a Halloween station on Pandora. But what happened?! Before Halloween of this year, my station consisted solely of old school Halloween jams (Monster Mash, Flying Purple People Eater, Thriller, etc.). Since this Halloween, all that...
  6. Floral larger than life size plants

    Halloween Crafts
    Anyone have any ideas on how to make plants that are oversized? IE a philodendron with 3ft long leaves? Or something of the sort? i want oversized plants to make it look like the inside of my house is a giant rainforest...
  7. Rainforest sounds for Avatar

    Halloween Music
    We are going to do a party this year based off of the movie Avatar and i am in need of some rainforest or jungle sounds. Also, should i try to play some of the music from the movie? Or actually play the movie on the tv? Or just the jungle sounds? thanks :)
  8. Avatar Movie Theme Help

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hey Guys, I'm switching it up this year, no scary gore...we want to transport our guests to the planet of Pandora (from the movie Avatar). Below is what i'm thinking so far, i would love any further ideas or suggestions for improvements, thanks! - Entrance: we have a huge Live Oak tree in our...
  9. Paper Mache Forest - large scale

    Hello all, This year we are going to stray away from our usual scary halloween themes and do a party based off of the movie "Avatar". My bf and I have some awesome airbrush body paint lined up to make us into the two main characters but i think the indor decor is going to be harder. We would...