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  1. Wanted to Buy
    Also looking to see if anyone has animated Palm Bleeder clown for sale?
  2. General Halloween
    Last night we were able to make it to the haunted hotel home haunt in San Jose, California. We did a haunted hotel a few years back and no where near what these guys have done with theirs LOL. For anyone in the area you can still visit the hotel thru Friday, 11/4. Here's a link to their Facebook...
  3. Halloween Props
    What are some of your favorite DIY Startle props? We use chainsaws and a sawzall w/o blades when scaring guests leaving our HH. We also heard of a palm sander in an aluminum garbage can does wonders. Electronic fireworks works well. Whats yours...
  4. Halloween Props
    Started the front yard process...........I'm going for a tropical sorta ambiance. Not sure I nailed it, but those palm tree were a chore to setup. Lovely Day...
1-4 of 4 Results