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  1. Wanted To Buy

    Wanted to Buy
    Also looking to see if anyone has animated Palm Bleeder clown for sale?
  2. Haunted Hotel in San Jose, CA -- still time to visit

    General Halloween
    Last night we were able to make it to the haunted hotel home haunt in San Jose, California. We did a haunted hotel a few years back and no where near what these guys have done with theirs LOL. For anyone in the area you can still visit the hotel thru Friday, 11/4. Here's a link to their Facebook...
  3. Other: Startle Props ideas?

    Halloween Props
    What are some of your favorite DIY Startle props? We use chainsaws and a sawzall w/o blades when scaring guests leaving our HH. We also heard of a palm sander in an aluminum garbage can does wonders. Electronic fireworks works well. Whats yours...
  4. Static: Ice Cold Lemonade - Yard Setup

    Halloween Props
    Started the front yard process...........I'm going for a tropical sorta ambiance. Not sure I nailed it, but those palm tree were a chore to setup. Lovely Day...