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  1. Static: Pallet Pumpkin

    Halloween Props
    This pallet wood pumpkin project was so easy to do from start to finish. It started with the last pallet wood I had disassembled last year. Then I scavenged from the kids craft paint stash. Some dry brushing the paint on and swiping it off and it was done in time for the little trick or...
  2. Static: Shed/Arbor/out house?

    Halloween Props
    [This is a work in progress and I will update this thread as I work on this. I just wanted to start it while taking a break from working in the heat] So, I was looking at the thread for the least expensive, most bang for your buck DIY projects on the forums, and I ran across this one by...
  3. Newspaper end rolls and pallet tops as free materials

    General Halloween
    Hey Everyone My wife works at the local newspaper and they always have end rolls of unprinted paper available. It makes great masking paper as well as other uses and you don't get ink on your hands working with it. The tube the paper is rolled on is extremely thick and stout and I've used...
  4. Prop Showcase: Pirate, Pirates, Pirates, ARRRR

    Halloween Props
    In the immortal words of the Borg queen - "Resistance is futile!" Every one must do a pirate theme at least once during their haunting career. 2014 is my year! And yes, it a big build. I have been working frantically for about 2 months now and I'm already scared I want finish. There's only...
  5. Pallet wood toe-pincher Coffin

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I had a bunch of pallets and I thought they would make great wood to make an old-looking coffin. Here is what DH and I have gotten done so far. It will eventually be a MIB pneumatic. When I get to that stage I will start another thread. OK, here goes my first tutorial: To make this I used 4...