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  1. Any halloween store owners here?

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Hey guys, we recently started a costume store. I wanted to know if there are any fellow store owners here who might have some tips or things to avoid. Anything would be appreciated. Maybe some ideas on using software to schedule employees, setting up payroll & billing, managing inventory etc. Of...
  2. Attention West Coast haunt owners: 2016 Actors Workshop

    Announcements / Press Releases
    Attention: West Coast haunt owners: I will be in California from July 28 - August 7 and looking to hold an actor workshop at YOUR haunt during the week of Aug 2-5. To make it interesting, I am offering a VERY special price on my Boo Camp 101 workshop. Drop me a line for more information...
  3. Ravens Grin-We weren't on the List--but we were!

    General Halloween
    "Legends Haunt Tour" had busses of Haunt Owners traveling around the Midwest over a several day period seeing "Haunted House Legends". My small-town creation of the last 28 years was not on that list, but that did not stop the Haunt Owners from seeking us out everyday during their "off-time"...
  4. Static: Bad dog

    Halloween Props
    I have a very bad dog that will be peeing on his owners leg this halloween night.