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  1. Halloween Props
    Over the past few weeks I have seen all these great ideas for PVC Candles using tea lights and various other things. This year I really want to hang some candles from a tree in my front yard. I want to make floating candles above the graveyard I am also going to be making. I have just run into a...
  2. General Halloween
    Does anyone know where I can get a pretty large plastic cauldron that isnt super fake? I want to make a cat bed out of it. Also, any idea of a reasonably priced outdoor projector that has falling leaves? Need one for a wedding. Thanks yall
  3. Halloween Props
    Hi Everyone! I'm trying to make an outdoor display this year using black painted plywood and backlighting to create a silhouetted display for our front yard. The idea is to create something dramatic and reusable that doesn't require a lot of setup or breakdown time year after year. Will post...
  4. Member Introduction
    Hi there! I'm a graphic designer living in Seattle and wanted to get in touch with fellow Halloween obsessives and makers. I plan to create my first outdoor display this year and hope to get advice and share progress.
  5. General Halloween
    Ok, guys. I'm looking for some advice and suggestions Who here has used REAL candles for outdoor decor? Are there some kinds that are better than others? Tricks to keeping things lit? I've used real candles in both pumpkins and glass jars, and a couple of the '7 day candles' from...
  6. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hello All, For the first time we are going to be converting our outdoor haunted house into a REAL Maze. Our footprint to work in is a 36' wide by 64' rectangular area. In the past it has always been set up as a haunted house, but this year we want to do a real maze; so I am wondering if anyone...
  7. General Halloween
    Night video forthcoming, I gotta edit a little bit and there hasn't been time yet. Hopefully my video is better than my night time pics, I got a bunch of blurry lightforms in my camera roll. Imgur links to albums, because lots of pictures. Daytime and pumpkin pics (98 images) Halloween Night...
  8. Halloween Props
    Bought eight giant skulls from Christmas Tree Shops. $6 or $7 each, couldn't help myself. I'm looking for a cool outdoor idea to put them to use. They are big, easily twice the displacement of a human skull. Suggestions? Thx, Mike
  9. Halloween Props
    I'll get the ball rolling this season. I put my outside stuff out last weekend, and have been tweaking it here and there ever since (I can't leave well enough alone) :D. I think I got carried away taking pictures, so sorry about the abundance of them. As you can see below I don't have the...
  10. Halloween Crafts
    I am wanting to put a raven on the wreath I am making but I'm not sure how well the feathered ravens like from Michaels will hold up even with pro strength UV coating. This will be for this door, no over hang. The rest of the wreath is glitter stuff sandwiched in outdoor modpodge which will be...
  11. Halloween Props
    I'm building a few 7ft tall tree props with spray foam. These trees will be displayed outdoors for over a year and will definitely be exposed to a lot of rain. I've heard of folks using latex outdoor paint and others using sealant. If anyone has experimented with different ways of...
  12. For Sale By Merchants
    NEW RELEASE FOR HALLOWEEN 2017: NIGHT CREATURES (6 YEARS IN THE MAKING) are 14 pairs of Red LED Lights with a UNIQUE BLINKING SPEED (2 seconds ON and 2 seconds OFF) and the eyes have a unique BLINKING TIME which was also custom made which gives more of a random effect. This means 2 pairs of...
  13. Halloween Props
    We've either seen one of these on sale or have one toiling away in out yard, the outdoor grapevine prelit pumpkin and when Nov 1 rolls around they just sorta sit there outside, kinda halloween-ish, kinda thanksgiving-ish but no other real purpose. Until now So I had three (actually more) and...
  14. Halloween Props
    This is my first post as I just discovered this forum. :) Every year we throw a huge party but traditionally it was in our downtown apartment (1400 sqft). Now we have a 4200 sqft house and while I'm so excited about the option to actually decorate the outside of our home, but I'm feeling...
  15. Halloween Props
    I've been searching for purple lights to put outdoors along my porch but I haven't quite found one that isn't too pink. Where did you find nice purple lights?
  16. Member Introduction
    I'm from all over but currently living in Ohio. Came across this site when I was looking for like minded people to maybe get advice on outdoor Halloween set-ups. Super pumped to find such a cool spot online!
  17. General Halloween
    Hey all I am a newbie and need some ideas and help on what to do for Halloween decoration using parts of an old cheep dresser. I still have the wood and drawers and looking for ideas to use them part of my outdoor decorations. :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:
  18. General Halloween
    I don't know whether it's the hot weather or that I have way too many outdoor house projects that need to be completed that's stolen my Halloween spirit, but I came to a complete stop with my builds. I'm struggling to get back into the spirit and plan the rest of my builds. I really think it's...
  19. Wanted to Buy
    Attempting to create a haunted pumpkin patch. Need scary looking PG-13 pumpkins and scare crows to fill. Any
  20. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I held a charity yard haunt for years but am unable to continue anymore. I am so sad but want someone else who treasures Halloween and scaring as much as I do to enjoy these items. Several of these are animated (plug in) and handmade. These are for serious decorators. Many of the monsters are...
21-40 of 62 Results