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  1. Halloween Props
    I was looking for something to cast a large dinosaur image on our 2-story house's side wall when we set up for our dino haunt and can't wait to try out. It's 15W and hoping it will be bright enough to do what I want and still be creepy lighting. Just ordered it from Amazon. It's a set of...
  2. Halloween Props
    Hey guys, so I went ahead and ordered 10lbs of the poly beef netting from Trenton Mills. Being in Montreal, I had done a bunch of research to find a supplier north of the border but obviously couldn't. Just FYI, total cost was 41$ + 32$ US for shipping, then I got nailed with 26$ CAN for...
  3. General Halloween
    Just ordered the Peanuts cutouts from Oriental Trading. What is the best way to hang them on walls? Hole punch the center and hang on a nail? Hole punch and put a ribbon through? Grommet? My mom would always tape hers up, but they would often fall down, and the tape takes some of the color off...
  4. Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Right now Michael's online has the 9" fake pumpkins that is normally listed at $20 on sale for $4. I just ordered 8 of them for $42 total including shipping. While supplies last
  5. General Halloween
    Hello everybody. I recently created my account here and thought I should introduce myself. I'm a 39yo father of 2 amazing kids who are, just as myself, totally into Halloween. Last year I put up some window projections using some old LED projectors and AtmosfearFX video material (zombie...
  6. Halloween Props
    I ordered a plastic cauldron online, but it just began to occur to me, that the effect won't seem as nice because of the shiny plastic look. Before I do anything else with it, I'm wondering if there is a way to make it look old and creepy first. I have seen the oatmeal posts, and honestly that...
  7. General Halloween
    I ordered one for dh to wear to work...he won't wear a costume (it's beneath his dignity as medical director...bleh) but I don't want him to be an old poop, either. Hence....Ugly Sweater! I think they are adorable and long overdue...
  8. Halloween Props
    Just ordered two of these babies from Amazon: LED Flame Effect Light Bulb with 3 lighting modes: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07DCNRDTT Promo code: DEALCO15 takes it down to $8. I'm thinking I should have ordered half a dozen - but without knowing how they will perform and getting...
  9. Halloween Props
    Saw these on the Home Depot site. I think these are just what the doctor ordered! Glow in the dark and poseable... put me down for four. And for $39.98! http://www.homedepot.com/p/Home-Accents-Holiday-60-in-Glow-in-the-Dark-Poseable-Skeleton-6349-63868HD/206762940
  10. Halloween Props
    I was doing some looking around, and saw the cosplay folks have taken a real shine to the new Pennywise from IT, and I thought I would gamble on how well the movie does and make a prop. Based on what I heard coming out of Comicon, and the buzz around the trailers, I think there's going to be a...
  11. Halloween Props
    Last night I ordered the Creepy Sailor Boy with Block Halloween Prop from Spirit Halloween! I was just wondering has anyone had any problems with it?
  12. General Halloween
    I forgot where I bought the background in this picture and I need more of it! I ordered it online and it was more of a paper than plastic! Does anyone know? (that is not me in the pic, btw)
  13. General Halloween
    I ordered my first musical Skeleton today. There are quite a number of these skeletons out there now playing all kinds of songs with all kinds of instruments. I don't think I've seen a thread on this subject yet and hope that people who have one of these can post here about their guy and...
  14. Merchant Reviews
    Saw this site today http://www.trendyhalloween.com/ Most of their stuff is the same/same price as other places I've used. But they have a few things on sale I'd like to get... Has anyone ever heard of/used them before? Experience?
  15. Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    That's 50% off. I ordered two big mothers for $94 combined.
  16. General Halloween
    Kirklands has some new stuff! http://www.kirklands.com/category/Seasonal-Gifts/Halloween/pc/2289/2405.uts Obligatory 'I searched 2 pages of results and did not see a new Kirklands thread' comment. I ordered this...
  17. Merchant Reviews
    Hi , I was going to order something from this company , when I was directed to a post from a fellow on this forum It was around 2011. He stated he did his best to have the issue resolved , however it never was. Has anybody ordered from this company recently ? Has the customer service improved...
  18. Halloween Costume Ideas
    So this was my first try at making a complete costume. I ordered one when I ordered the mask but it was a one size fits most.... people smaller than me apparently. So I bought some fabrick and made one. Made out of crushed velvet. I like the creature reacher oversize hands so I I made this one...
  19. Halloween Props
    My party this year is Asylum themed, I want to make labels to put on prescription bottles with the guests name to have laying around. I've ordered the bottles, does anyone have any (or know of anywhere) that has photoshop labels I could customize? Thanks for any help!
  20. Halloween Props
    Just incase anyone wanted to purchase the Chauvet Hurricane 1301, pretty good deal (to me at least). $180 for the 1301 and 4 gallons of fog fluid. Just ordered one myself actually :cool...
1-20 of 22 Results