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  1. Face Changer - with tag for sale

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I have spent years on this site lurking through the many posts, yet never joined. A few years ago after a move I stored my entire Halloween collection in hopes that I would once again set it up, unfortunately that will not be happening so I have decided to start selling of my many props and...
  2. Ceramic Ghost tealight holders

    Wanted to Buy
    Hello, I've been looking for two tealight holders I had in the late 80's. I've found their smaller versions, but want to find the larger pair. They are from Cannon Falls and came in two sizes: 6-ish inch versions and larger 12-ish inch versions. I am not great at computer manipulation, but I...
  3. Static: Want to convert snowman into pumpkin monster. need ideas

    Halloween Props
    Hello. So every year I grab more and more of those lighted pumpkins to the point where I have a good sized pumpkin patch that the kids really like. Time to make it a little evil and scary by combining it with my graveyard stuff. I wanted to add this from Home Depot but I didn't see it until...
  4. Static: My First Cauldron!

    Halloween Props
    So I haven't been able to really start all my decorating that I want to get done. For the past couple years I haven't really been able to decorate. I did some simple things last year but I literally had to take everything done the night of Halloween. My house is over 100 years old and...
  5. Other: 2 FT Instant (Pop up?) Jack O Lantern Pumpkin - Adding and installing wired lights

    Halloween Props
    2 FT Instant Jack O Lantern Pumpkin. Alternative to pumpkin leaf bags if bunch of leaves are not falling down to fill them. Simple to setup. Hole on the bottom is big enough for a spot light or any light to light it up at night. I have V shaped stakes to keep it on the ground. If interested...
  6. Static: My Unorthodox pumpkin

    Halloween Props
    Awhile ago I came across a photo of some pumpkins that had been carved from the bottom instead of the top and was lit from within with some pumpkin guts hanging down. Turns out they were done by one of the moderators on this site named UnOrthoDox. I loved the look and have decided to make a...
  7. Halloween (+ glow in the dark!) nails!

    For Sale By Merchants
    Hi all, I sell 100% nail polish strips (no heat, tools, or dry time needed!) that last up to 2 weeks, and just released a Halloween collection that includes two glow in the dark sets! All are buy 3 get 1 free. You can shop here: http://bit.ly/pluckypolishhalloween Bloody Gorgeous...
  8. Pumpkinfest (a/k/a my early Halloween)

    General Halloween
    Historically I've waited for October to decorate outdoors. So this year I decided to do two Halloweens; the usual from early October on, but until then I am doing a much less elaborate pumpkin and harvest themed Halloween that I am going to disingenuously call Pumpkinfest if anyone mentions...
  9. Lighting: Here's one I don't get

    Halloween Props
    Last night we did a full lighting test and everything was fine, but we have a creepy fence with two strings of Christmas lights on it in front of the graveyard and it looked kind of goofy with blue and green lights. So we got some new bulbs and were replacing all of the blue and green bulbs...
  10. Mechanical: Leering Skelly 2017

    Halloween Props
    Just finished up a really simple Leering Skelly. Saw these cedar half barrels at Menards for $22 with rebate and had to make something with it. I used the vinegar-water-steel wool-instant coffee mixture to weather the barrel. This is a typical Pose-N-Stay Skelly, the spine is really thin so I...
  11. Looking for a black "Halloween" Tree

    Wanted to Buy
    I bought the full set of Horrornaments and need to buy a tree to place them on. I am looking for an artificial 5.5'+ tree with a small footprint. Pre-lit is not required but orange LEDs are preferred. Can you recommend anything < $200 or retail places to look at?
  12. Halloween Props for Sale Need gone ASAP - Accepting offers

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    All work well. Gemmy Life Size Animated Freddy Kruger $500 OBO FULLY FUNCTIONAL it has the box and even has a new motor in the head. Highly sought after! Will last for years to come. Deady Bear $50 OBO. Moves its arm with the heart and moves its mouth. New in box. Ground Breaker Frankenstein...
  13. ReplacementLightBulbs.com

    Merchant Reviews
    I have five flame cauldrons/torches that all take a small orange halogen bulb. (I have one LED lighted cauldron that is quite frankly a dim joke) Years ago these bulbs were rather easy to locate. Well this week I had two of them burn out and I began to search all over the web for replacements...
  14. Halloween Lights/ Icicles

    Wanted to Buy
    Does anyone adorn their houses with orange/green/purple icicle lights for Halloween? I always found that this really makes it (especially when you hang the icicles from the top of the j channel above the window as opposed to the gutters so you can see them from inside). I also like stringing...
  15. Atmosphere Effects: Bubbling Cauldron Lighting Effects

    Halloween Props
    Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble… These are photos of the different lighting effects for the bubbling cauldron prop that I built. Tell me what your preferences are. Reference the post “Bubbling Cauldron with Skull Base 2.0” for additional photos. Photo 01: Base...
  16. Orange Tuesday

    General Halloween
    Halloween retailers aren't promoting Orange Tuesday much this year. Even the ones having sales aren't using the name, and the deals aren't what you would expect.
  17. Morning from VA!

    Member Introduction
    Just joined.....have actually made a few projects that I've seen posted from this site elsewhere. Glad to be apart now and share my creations and get ideas from others that get as excited as I do about thinking about Halloween all months of the year and not just October ..lol...:D my husband...
  18. Lighting: 10mm LED's seem dim.

    Halloween Props
    I bought six different colors of prewired 10mm 12v LED's from Lighthouse LED's. Some of the colors are very bright, green and blue, and red to a slight lesser extent.. Others such as yellow, orange, purple, are pitiful. One yellow isn't even enough to decently illuminate a single skull...
  19. Prop Showcase: Front of the house

    Halloween Props
    I made a lighted pentacle using poster board and a wreath frame and orange mini lights. put in Orange post lights in front(had to special order those) because our door is around the side(to the right in the pic) we have a graveyard area over there with blue/green floods and a fog machine
  20. Those Big Orange Bows

    General Halloween
    Anybody seen them? I need some help from you super-shoppers out there. Every year I put up two full size Victorian decorative gas lamps at the end of my sidewalk. This year- I realize that the big orange fabric bows that usually decorate them are pretty much shot after 6 years out in the...