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  1. General Halloween
    i dunno how many know about Rucus Studios but he makes some absolutely beautiful Halloween art pieces that, unfortunately, are waaaay beyond my budget. However....he has a kickstarter going to raise money to print these beautiful Halloween cards if anyone is interested. I bought 2 decks...
  2. For Sale By Merchants
    Happy Halloween everyone!! Our Early Bird Halloween Sale is coming to a close! We are offering 50% off our best selling halloween mask! We are ending this sale and want to give everyone the opportunity to get this sweet mask at a hugely discounted price! GET YOUR MASK HERE -->...
  3. Member Introduction
    Hello, My name is Ben and I just recently bought my forever home and I finally have my very own workshop. I have always wanted to create my own props but have never had the opportunity or space. There are also lots of kids in the neighborhood so we are excited. Halloween, here we come!!
  4. Member Introduction
    New member all the way from the sunny UK! Been using this forum for inspiration this year- really want to go all out for Halloween. People over here don't appreciate it for the opportunity it is :(
  5. Member Introduction
    Hey everyone, Very excited to have come across this forum! (It's already taking too much time out of my work day!) My wife and I just bought our first house which means...my first opportunity to really go all out for Halloween. I look forward to seeing all your displays and learning a thing or two!
  6. General Halloween
    I get no ToTs to my house. My house is the last house on the left on an unpaved dead end road with no streetlights, and NO ONE decorates on that street. It's as black as a cave. For this reason, I have focused mostly on my Halloween party. Setting up a whole haunt for no one to see is...
1-6 of 7 Results