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  1. Electronic/Software: Motors

    Halloween Props
    Looking to do a Leering Skeleton prop and something else. I already invested in one wiper motor, 12 volt power and speed control. Looking to go a cheaper route for the second one. I read the cheap synchronous motors are good but get hot???? It will need to run for 4 hours straight. Would...
  2. Prop Showcase: Last Years Yard Haunt!

    Halloween Props
    This is last years yard haunt me and my Dad set up! very late on this but i'm still figuring this forum out lol :D This year were going to be adding a lot of new things to it and I can't wait to share with you all when its up! We'll be setting up in about 3 weeks! Let me hear your opinions on...
  3. Atmosphere Effects: Snow Machine.

    Halloween Props
    Does anyone have experience with snow machines? Finally got my wife on board for a theme I've wanted and I want snow, In Florida. Was thinking of hiring a professional as well. Opinions? *I'm starting now as I'm really tired of waiting until the last moment.
  4. Horror clowns - reality or mystery

    Horror Discussion
    Hey Halloween lovers, what is your attitude on the whole issue of "horror clowns"? Have you met some? Or do you think this topic is more of a media issue? And how scary do you personally find clowns? Interested in your opinions! Ratlos
  5. Stumped on a costume to match our party theme.

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hi Halloweeners, As the title suggests I am having trouble thinking up ideas for mine and my DH's costumes to match our party theme. This year’s theme is kinda like a garden of horror, or evil garden...whatever you want to call it.. and to give you an idea on how we're executing the theme...
  6. Holiday Barn? 2016

    General Halloween
    Apologies if there is a separate thread for Halloween merchandise from the Holiday Barn....anyone every bought anything from there? Some of the stuff looks really nice but the $$$ for some items can be steep! Just wanted all the expert opinions :)
  7. Electronic/Software: not sure where to ask this

    Halloween Props
    would these be any good ? , I've heard green can be very affective , spooky/creepy and I can use them well under shelter of my covered porch or inside ...ANy lighting opinions
  8. Atmosphere Effects: projector opinions

    Halloween Props
    I saw two on ebay and would like opinions on them. I know nothing about projectors other than you need alot of lumens. I would like just to use with the fearfx in the window and looking to either use a flash drive (I dont have a dvd player) or ipad mini hook up. I see these two have a spot to...
  9. HEY SACRAMENTO! Anyone have an opinion on what they think is the best haunt in Sac?

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    I can't afford to visit all of them, so I would like to hear opinions. Here are a few I found in the Sacramento area: Fright Planet Heartstoppers Scream Park Callson Manor Corbett's House of Horror
  10. Other: Tombstones:D

    Halloween Props
    Hello, Please give me your opinion on the foams you use for crafting your tombstones, I plan on using great stuff expanding foam so I can fully customize my own tombstone, I don't know if you guys have a better preference but if you do comment and tell me why please:) Thank you and happy haunting!
  11. Static: Newbie

    Halloween Props
    Hey guys, My name is Chase. I am new here and wanted to get some opinions on prop building. I want to build my first ever prop for this Halloween 2014. I need something simple and affordable. Do you guys have any tips or opinions on what I should do for my first prop? I don't have many tools...
  12. Other: I need opinions

    Halloween Props
    So right now I'm on a very tight budget and I'm only able to get two life sized props this year. I am debating between the Untimely Death Statue, Witch of Stolen Souls, Barnyard Butcher, Evil Scientist, Lil Nester, and Peek A Boo Penny. I would like your opinions on which two props should I buy...