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  1. Halloween Props
    Looking to do a Leering Skeleton prop and something else. I already invested in one wiper motor, 12 volt power and speed control. Looking to go a cheaper route for the second one. I read the cheap synchronous motors are good but get hot???? It will need to run for 4 hours straight. Would...
  2. Halloween Props
    This is last years yard haunt me and my Dad set up! very late on this but i'm still figuring this forum out lol :D This year were going to be adding a lot of new things to it and I can't wait to share with you all when its up! We'll be setting up in about 3 weeks! Let me hear your opinions on...
  3. Halloween Props
    Does anyone have experience with snow machines? Finally got my wife on board for a theme I've wanted and I want snow, In Florida. Was thinking of hiring a professional as well. Opinions? *I'm starting now as I'm really tired of waiting until the last moment.
  4. Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hi Halloweeners, As the title suggests I am having trouble thinking up ideas for mine and my DH's costumes to match our party theme. This year’s theme is kinda like a garden of horror, or evil garden...whatever you want to call it.. and to give you an idea on how we're executing the theme...
  5. General Halloween
    Apologies if there is a separate thread for Halloween merchandise from the Holiday Barn....anyone every bought anything from there? Some of the stuff looks really nice but the $$$ for some items can be steep! Just wanted all the expert opinions :)
  6. Halloween Props
    would these be any good ? , I've heard green can be very affective , spooky/creepy and I can use them well under shelter of my covered porch or inside ...ANy lighting opinions
  7. Halloween Props
    I saw two on ebay and would like opinions on them. I know nothing about projectors other than you need alot of lumens. I would like just to use with the fearfx in the window and looking to either use a flash drive (I dont have a dvd player) or ipad mini hook up. I see these two have a spot to...
  8. Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    I can't afford to visit all of them, so I would like to hear opinions. Here are a few I found in the Sacramento area: Fright Planet Heartstoppers Scream Park Callson Manor Corbett's House of Horror
  9. Halloween Props
    Hello, Please give me your opinion on the foams you use for crafting your tombstones, I plan on using great stuff expanding foam so I can fully customize my own tombstone, I don't know if you guys have a better preference but if you do comment and tell me why please:) Thank you and happy haunting!
  10. Halloween Props
    Hey guys, My name is Chase. I am new here and wanted to get some opinions on prop building. I want to build my first ever prop for this Halloween 2014. I need something simple and affordable. Do you guys have any tips or opinions on what I should do for my first prop? I don't have many tools...
  11. Halloween Props
    So right now I'm on a very tight budget and I'm only able to get two life sized props this year. I am debating between the Untimely Death Statue, Witch of Stolen Souls, Barnyard Butcher, Evil Scientist, Lil Nester, and Peek A Boo Penny. I would like your opinions on which two props should I buy...
1-11 of 16 Results