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  1. Hacked Squawkers McCaw Pirate Ready to Run for sale

    For Sale By Merchants
    Just finished this special version Squawkers McCaw Pirate. He's already been hacked with my SQUAWKER TALKER controller and attached on top a genuine PYRAT RUMS barrel with the controller mounted inside. Parrot is in great condition as well as the barrel. The wiring connections inside the parrot...
  2. Flamethrower For Sale

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    George Maser Flamethrower Unit 900.00 or trade will listen to offers. email [email protected] Located in Northeast TN. Unit is in great condition only used one season. Created by George Maser it's an EPIC effect and a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Selling due to not having staff to operate...
  3. Wind Damage Last week

    General Halloween
    As many of you know, we got hit bad by the remains of Hurricane Michael last week. The witch hut was completely demolished and many of the props inside were damaged, the witch got toppled, but due to her mostly wire construction she was undamaged. Had three tombstones broken and most others...
  4. Fog: Skelly's Hot Tub Test

    Halloween Props
    Ran a few test today on the Hot Tub and thought I'd see what everyone thinks. Have some clean up on the details but the basis of the operation seems to work. What say ye? Daytime: Night:
  5. Lighting: Lightning effects

    Halloween Props
    Do all of the single circuit lightning simulators basically give the same effect? Perfect Storm, izombie, firefly.... I undetstand they each have specific specs for operation but do they all flash the lights at different intensity according to the sound volume? Is the effect very effective for a...
  6. Atmosphere Effects: Another Projector and hook up questions

    Halloween Props
    Hi, My name is Lin and Im new here. Im interested in the fearx dvds for my window this year and have a question on if this projector would be ok. My husband says he doesn't want any part of helping me in this as he always gets stuck doing these types of things so Im on my own. lol The Unic...
  7. Static: NOW my bonez kitty looks great!

    Halloween Props
    All of the new animal props out this year are awesome, but they all suffer the same flaw, at least in my eyes, of being anatomically incorrect in a very obvious way. The cats have ears, the dogs have noses AND ears, and the crows have bone wing and tail feathers. The cat is closest to being...
  8. Halloween Twist on Children's Games

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    This year, we'll be hosting a Halloween party to lots of grade school kids, and I'm looking to build Halloween versions of established kids games. I'm starting early with the thinking cap and could use your input. Here's some thoughts so far — 1) Witch Brew Uno: For those unfamiliar, Uno is a...