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  1. Halloween Props
    VIDEO: https://youtu.be/fTJSfBQC-WI This a project I actually completed for Halloween 2017, but have been lax in finding the time to take some decent pics and shoot a video of it in action. I always loved the Grave-Digging Skeleton, but always wondered if I could re-engineer it in a new way...
  2. Halloween Props
    I made a prosthetic claw out of foam for a zombie walk and now I wish to make it better. I want sparks when the claw ends touch. Fright Props used to sell "Spark Gloves" that were battery operated and safe for user and others. Unfortunately they don't sell those anymore and I can't find any...
  3. Halloween Props
    I have a battery operated on off switch light up eyes gargoyle that I am mounting on my roof. I can't climb up and down constantly just to turn it on and off. Can someone tell me how I can convert it to a remote on off switch? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  4. Halloween Props
    I can't be the only one who has an issue with their battery operated props not launching due to cold batteries. We can have 40 degree weather on Halloween and the battery operated props don't launch. Is there a way to convert these small battery props to a power prop to avoid this issue? Am I...
  5. Halloween Props
    Doing a haunted hayride this year and haunt sites will have to be lit without electricity. Asking for any suggestions on where to get battery operated spotlights or lasers. I've researched and not finding much. Thanks!
  6. Halloween Props
    Where can I find individual lights, to use for his eyes and also one for the lantern? I do not want to use battery operated. Thank you.
  7. For Sale By Merchants
    Hello I only have a few Scream Boxes left (everyone is shopping early this year). They are on ebay $33.00, amazon, and www.haunthobbyist.com (lowest price). The Scream Box is battery operated and has a built in speaker and heat sensor so it works in complete darkness. I do not know of many...
  8. General Halloween
    To those of you who are Harry Potter fans and want to duplicate the floating pumpkins in the dining room, the dollar tree has small carvable funkins for only a $1. I am carving them as I speak (or write) and am going to put small battery operated votives in them, then hang them from the ceiling...
  9. Halloween Props
    Anyone have any opinion about a few battery operated black lights I have seen on the market? Here is what I want to do. I have white table cloths that will glow under black lights. I did check that. I want to put a black light under the table to have the table cloth glow. So, since I don't...
  10. General Halloween
    I'm getting married this October and one of my main pumpkin displays is going to be a lit pathway leading up to the barn where my reception will be. The pathway is going to be lit with pattern-carved white pumpkins, like this: It's a fairly long path and will require about 22 pumpkins, 11 on...
1-10 of 11 Results