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  1. Halloween Music
    Can someone please identify the titles of the horror themed pieces of music used in these videos: 0D1rqgULcwk cGaPNmuBvoA (Kind of sounds like it's from "The Omen" but I don't think it is) Q7VtbXwu0o8 Lb_ZP3__AwE (Don't think this is horror, but regardless, it's used in this scary story...
  2. General Halloween
    An eerie omen of a perfect Saturday Halloween !!!
  3. General Halloween
    To set the scene, we are renters with the thought that we would only be in the house for a year so our garage is full of boxes. We are now on our third year but that is hopefully about to change as we have an offer on a house that I hope to be in soon so I can plan my first yard haunt done for...
  4. Blog
    38 Days Till Halloween 9/23/2013 John Debney - The Halloween Tree (1993) This 1972 novel by Ray Bradbuy was turned into a TV movie in 1993 by Hanna-Barbera. Narrated by the author (who won an Emmy for the screenplay), the movie tells the story of a group of kids learning about the origins of...
1-4 of 4 Results