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  1. Halloween oldies playlist podcast ~ Whistling Past the Graveyard~

    Halloween Music
    https://archive.org/details/WPTG6 I've been making this podcast for three years running now, it's basically a vintage halloween playlist with really bad halloween jokes in between! Its definitely work and kid safe! There are six episodes total, listen to the latest and if you're into it catch...
  2. Hello new from Portland Oregon!

    Member Introduction
    Hey! I'm a total halloween freak since day one! Some of my fondest memories have taken place on Halloween. I just love the essence and all the lil creatures that come with it, I always joke with my friends/coworkers that Halloween is when I'm in season! I love Halloween music and have a lil...
  3. 2017 Halloween Mixes

    Halloween Music
    Post links to this thread if you spot any new Halloween mixes! I'll get it started... Dan Augustine's Halloween Hits #14 ... His mixes are always a blast. Good cover art. He cares about his work. He makes all of the available in October of every year, then they are gone till next October...
  4. Free Old Time Halloween Songs

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    Check out 78rpm Records Digitized by George Blood, L.P. For some old time halloween-related songs. I haven't searched through it all, but it looks promising. :) Try using keywords like "ghost"
  5. Grave Tone Productions Vintage Halloween Song new for 2015!

    Halloween Music
    Greetings fellow HORROR Lovers, Just wanted to introduce a new song that we created for a short film we scored....This is a bit of a departure from our typical HORROR Metal stylings of our first two release but we are huge fans of all vintage HALLOWEEN and Horror imagery and music. Please give...
  6. Halloweenradio oldies is back

    Halloween Music
    Yes, just found out that Halloweenradio oldies is back! I love that station so much. :cool: To listen click on this link http://halloweenradio.net/webradio.php?radio=oldies Happy Halloween everyone! The Halloween season just begun. :rolleyes:
  7. 6 Days Till Halloween

    6 Days Till Halloween 10/25/2013 Loop Noir – Paranormal Sound Design This is a really interesting CD. Not necessarily spooky, but definitely eerie and unusual and electro-ambient. Scary Sounds of Halloween (1991) From K-Tel, a half-hour track. All the same screams and howls we’ve heard...