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  1. Halloween Props
    Hi everyone! This is the second year that my wife and I are doing the backyard haunt. With halloween around the corner, I have been trying to automate a couple of sections with lights and air valves. However, I can't get the Octobanger to work. I can get the 4-channel version working though...
  2. Halloween Props
    Hi guys, new here and a total noob to the electronics of arduino. So i ordered all the pieces for the octobanger prop controller with an 8 channel relay. I downloaded firmware, connected pir & relay module pins 2-9 on the uno ( chinese special) to IN1-IN8 on relay with a gnd and a 5v to VCC...
  3. Halloween Props
    Can someone help me logic through a problem with my OctoBanger build? First off, thank you Mike North for making all of this possible, you are awesome! The problem: I am not getting audio out of the MP3 player. What I can verify to be true: Voltage(s) throughout the build is sufficient...
  4. Member Introduction
    New member and have been building props for home haunt for a few years. Here to learn some new tricks and maybe share some of my experiences. Thanks to a lot of you from YouTube videos I have built cauldron creeps, leering skeletons and added octobanger for my props.
  5. Halloween Props
    Hello - I build a fourbanger (amazing project - thank you). So far I have the project working perfectly, but ran into an issue - once I add more than about 125 frames to the project, when triggered the relay scene plays indefinitely (loops, not the music *does not* loop nor does it switch back...
  6. Halloween Props
    I thought I would throw out a few pictures of the Octobanger that I recently built. The build was kind of based on the LOR lighting controller and so far I have been very impressed it. Never mind the feet looming in the first picture....:rolleyes:
  7. Halloween Props
    I've programmed my Genuine Arduino Uno with a SEEED Studio 4-Relay Shield with the Octobanger software. In the video, I watched on youtube from Mike he said you can get up to 5 minutes of time for your sequence and up to 500 frames. My sequence is a little over 30 seconds with 172 frames and it...
1-7 of 8 Results