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  1. Planet Coaster Halloween!!!

    General Halloween
    I have been obsessed with planet Coaster for almost a year now. I originally got it because I was sad I had to take Halloween down and it sure did the trick a treat! It's a theme park simulation game and a large part of the community just builds stuff like scenery or ride skins in sandbox mode...
  2. What is this strange obsession?!

    Member Introduction
    Hey there, Kaz here from Melbourne Australia. Have done a variety of parties over the years, but last year was our first bigger public trick or treat haunt. We had a zombie scare area, a blood room, a witches corridor and a child friendly glow in the dark radiation zone. Turns out more...
  3. Hi guys :)

    Member Introduction
    Hi, I'm Kat. Halloween is my favorite holiday, I'm absolutely obsessed with it. This year, I am dressing up as the Terminator. So excited! You will find I am obsessed with the terminator. Also the Zelda series. Anyway, I'm a senior in HS. I like video games, and making youtube videos. If...
  4. Hi everyone!

    Member Introduction
    Hello! My name's Crow and I'm from Ontario, Canada. I recently found this forum and since I'm completely obsessed with Halloween I thought I should join. Looking forward to getting to know everyone here!
  5. greetings from the haunted south

    Member Introduction
    Hey folks, New to the forum. Figured I'd introduce myself. Here's to finding a group of people as obsessed with Halloween as I am.
  6. Movie: All Hallow's Eve

    Horror Discussion
    I just watched this movie today, I had never heard of it before, but accidentally found it looking for Halloween documentaries on YouTube. Haha. The version I found was kinda crummy, but good enough and it also had Italian subtitles that didn't really bother me. Anyway, it was decent, and I'm...