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  1. Electronic/Software: Help with Epitaph name for crypt with peering eye?

    Halloween Props
    I have an obelisk stone with a large base. The base is cracked and there is an eye peering out. I wanted to think of a family name to etch vertically in the obelisk. I don't believe in wasting any opportunity for an easter egg or humor in any prop, so just "RIP" won't do. Some things I spinning...
  2. OBELISK build file!

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    So we've lost quite a few aggregate prop build sites in the last decade, and some projects that were mainstays of the home haunter are disappearing from the web, including one of the best foam tombstone obelisk builds most of us have come across. But it was rescued from obscurity by the...
  3. Static: Some pictures of our 17th/18th century newbie graveyard, and an obelisk question...

    Halloween Props
    Just thought I'd share what we've been working on! My fiancée is an English professor and I'm a full-time grad student so we generally only have so much time to work on things during the year while we're exhausted, but we've got a pretty respectable start! Most of the tombstones are from last...
  4. Where did the obelisk go?

    Sometime ago I found the link below to build an awesome Obelisk. _-_www_horrorseek_com/home/halloween/juggernaut/oblsk1_-_ and now that I have the time to build one the link is dead. Does anyone have a copy of the plans/tutorial for this obelisk? Or one just like it? Thank you in advance. Sparkey
  5. Static: Obelisk with a beat

    Halloween Props
    Just wanted to show an idea I had for my obelisk. I wanted to hide my speakers in some rocks but I like this idea better. I started the first two tiers like highburycemetery did but I enclosed the middle tier to be a speaker box. It turned out to be great at improving the speaker boom. It can be...
  6. Prop Showcase: Obelisk W.I.P

    Halloween Props
    The humble beginning's of my obelisk for my cemetery this year. [/URL][/IMG]
  7. Static: Oh Lord What Did I Get Myself into!

    Halloween Props
    Soo Ive been busy for quite sometime with these two props ive built. Hopefully I can start decorating my yard tomorrow as I have nothing out because these pillars and my obelisk took me forever because im anal with details. Anyways enjoy the pics! Obelisk is 5 foot tall pink foam hand carved...