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  1. Lighting: A variation on the "swamp lantern"

    Halloween Props
    So I stood in line at Michael's for at least 20 minutes this past weekend with a bunch of people buying Christmas stuff and I wondered to myself "I wonder what these people would do if they knew I was here to buy supplies for next year's Halloween and I don't care about the Xmas stuff...."...
  2. Prop Showcase: Blood Fountain

    Halloween Props
    Cannot find where, or if, I posted pics last year, so making a new showcase for y'all. Plastic planter base, PVC pipe for structure, insulation foam, buncha clearance skulls, pond pump, nylon tubing, Great Stuff, hot glue, and watered down red paint. I'll have to remote link to the video file...
  3. Static: 1st Home Made Inflatable Tombstone

    Halloween Props
    Thought I'd share my first attempt at making my own inflatable tombstone.....Many things I learned not to do but glad at least to have a working model on the first try....I never really sewed before so I really did start at step one.....Grabbing the wife's sewing machine and the manual to figure...
  4. Other: scrim - would this fabric work?

    Halloween Props
    I have read that the scrim mentioned at fearfx is 92% nylon 8% spandex, but I have come across this similar one but different percentages @ 82% nylon and 18% spandex, and wanted to see if this would work as well, its certainly cheaper. I also came across another but will have to find it...