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  1. October on the East coast - Advice, please!

    General Halloween
    2018 October on the East coast - Advice, please! So, I'm from Colorado and I've never spent Halloween outside of the state before. This year, I decided I'm going to spend Halloween with my boyfriend, who lives in Brooklyn. I've done some searches, but I'd like to hear from locals and people...
  2. In search of an atmospheric autumn weekend in upstate NY

    General Halloween
    I am a loongggg-time lurker here and thought that you all might be a great source of info to help supplement my research into this particular question. My mom is visiting me for two weeks in NYC, mid-late October. We are dead set on either taking a train or rental car upstate for one weekend...
  3. Best way to keep a party small

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    So I have seen posts about not having enough people come. Any thoughts on how to limit the number of folks appearing? We ended up with almost 70 people in our apartment last time I threw a shindig, and it was so big it was hard for me to enjoy myself! I'm in NYC so halloween is a big deal here...
  4. Not in the spirit/ New York City rant, boo.

    General Halloween
    Hi all, I feel as though this season is passing before my eyes and I did not get my usual Halloween feels. My husband and I moved to NYC from the west coast this past August and downsized from a house to a tiny apartment. I also had to downsize my props and decor to my most favorite items...
  5. Secret Halloween Party in NYC 2009

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    A great costume party will be held at a SECRET hotel construction site in the East Village on Halloween 2009 beginning at 10PM going until 4AM hosted by famous New York City promoter Danny Gargano. You can find out more information and RSVP @ This party is also an official movie premiere...