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  1. Halloween Props
    We have a number of the classic horror props and have been displaying them in our haunt for a number of years. I am kinda getting bored of the same old thing....how do you guys like to include these classics in your haunt? Do you have any suggestions for what has worked for you for the best...
  2. Merchant Reviews
    Anyone else having trouble with these guys?? I ordered $150.00 worth of stuff ( order # 11458 ) two weeks ago, sent them an email and didn't get a response or a tracking number, yes I checked my spam box. I'm getting a little concerned at this point.:o
  3. General Halloween
    I see the radio button at the bottom to make one, and the box to enter a number of options, but it doesn't seem to create a poll. Am I just doing it wrong? Cancel that, I see it now. You have to send the post before it will allow the poll options to show. :D
  4. General Halloween
    I have a fairly serious playing card issue... Anyhow, that's a long story in and of itself. To the point. Stumbled on these last year. Now I have my finances together, had to go get them. Known as the Tragic Royalty deck, they are designed to stand out. And of course, the...
  5. General Halloween
    Our first haunt went off very well! I have to thank my parents who came over last minute to help out, and my husband who worked tirelessly all day since I couldn't take the day off of work. We didn't get very many TOT's (only about 25), but that was up from last year. I'm hoping the word will...
  6. General Halloween
    We had a great time! Went through $300 worth of candy.. Sheesh! I may do "Take a Number" next year!! Lol!!
  7. General Halloween
    Hi all! So, my boyfriend and I have recently moved into a 150 year old Victorian house that comes with 34 steps leading up to the front door. A neighbor told me that we usually only get 20 to 30 trick-or-treaters and mentioned that I probably wouldn't get many with our stairs. Those of you who...
  8. General Halloween
    double post sorry :confused:
  9. General Halloween
    As of this month I've got 333 subs. Half-way to the number of the beast 666 :eek: Demon-Lite I guess. I don't know if I should be concerned that the Apocalyspe is around the corner or not lol The channel's been up there since 2008. Mark it on your calendar in blood. 666 will happen in 2020 ^0^...
41-49 of 53 Results