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  1. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Super excited that it's only 145 days away from Halloween! This year, for our fourth Party Haunt at this residence, we are doing a clown/carnival theme. We've had a few planning sessions, began prop building and and started the build a bit early to ensure we can add the all fine touches. We...
  2. General Halloween
    Ok my hearse stays out year around so i decorate it for different holidays here is for nov :) Can wait to share what i am doing for December
  3. General Halloween
    I am curious if there is a guide for the perfect time to hit the 50%+ discounts for many of the stores. I always hit Spirit November 1st. But what about places like Michael's which is sold out by Nov 1st, or Kirkland, or the big box stores? When are those perfect times without having to drive to...
  4. General Halloween
    It's still 2 weeks out but the forecast for my town is remaining at rain. I sure hope it changes to a decent day and night. I really need the 29th through Nov 1st to cooperate. I can manage with less, but that's ideal. I hope everyone eeks out good weather this year! Good luck!
  5. Halloween Props
    They seem so cool but I can't really see any good ideas for them for Halloween. Sure I could print off some jagged skulls and bones to put in the front yard, but I can also get those for a few bucks on Nov. 1 (like I did this year). I keep really wanting to jump into 3D printers, and I...
  6. General Halloween
    So I'm trying not to rush the next couple of days but I can't help but be excited about Nov 1 for one reason.... Halloween CLEARANCE! :D Last year was the first time EVER I had Nov 1 off of work and I had such a blast bargain hunting all the halloween goodies. I'm starting to formulate my plan...
  7. General Halloween
    Go! Go! Go! I couldn't believe my eyes! 50% Off the entire store!! Usually this doesn't happen only and until Nov. 1 for us!!
  8. General Halloween
    Was just wondering how often forum members check in throughout the year. Personally, as I'm very much into tradition (my own lol) I don't step foot inside here until Oct 1 because I feel it makes it a bit more special, I will log in almost daily throughout October and lastly on Nov 1 to see if...
1-8 of 8 Results