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    Episode 73: Klaatu Barada Nikto - featuring prop master Evil Ted Smith of The Evil Ted Channel, Evil Dead 2 replica cabin builders Steve & Don Doleshal of Jack's Hollow, and music from Nox Arcana's Buzz-Works album House of Nightmares. PLUS: Mad Props for Props, Something Wicked with Ed Gannon...
  2. Halloween Props
    A little fog juice goes a long way, until 2/3 of the fog machines go down That unique battery in the prop remote control can't be replaced at 9:30pm Just because the parent says the kid can take a scare, doesn't mean they wont cry for 20 minutes... If there is a black veil in the back of the...
  3. General Halloween
    Just wondering how many keep a book and/or list filled with ideas for future projects? I officially started mine in 2013 when I spotted an orange composition book at Walmart. Before that I had notes everywhere--in the car, on the iPod, sticky notes (both paper and digital) and even...
1-3 of 7 Results