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  1. General Halloween
    I’m looking for opinions on these newest offerings from Distortions. All cards on the table, I’m a very big DU fan and have collected too many of their props to count, but to name a few: the Legend Witch, Legend Werewolf, Nosferatu, Scary Scarecrow, Animated Exorcism, Grave Buster Barb, Grave...
  2. Halloween Props
    For my first ever custom tombstone, I decided to combine my love for horror film and make it for Count Orlok, better known as "Nosferatu". For being my first ever stone, I am extremely proud of it, and wanted to share it.
  3. Halloween Props
    This will be a static prop next year as I am never out in the graveyard as the same thing twice but here is my Nosferatu costume from last night...It was great when parents would send their kids to get in a picture with "it" not knowing "it" was alive...LOL. What screams soon arose, what fun...
  4. Makeup
    Hello. I'll start off by saying I'm a bit of a novice. I purchased a sweet Nosferatu prosthetic that I am looking forward to wearing this Halloween. I've seen several tutorials that say to use PAX make up to color the prosthetic. I am wondering if I should also use the PAX to achieve the pale...
1-5 of 6 Results