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  1. Nosferatu nut cracker

    Nosferatu nut cracker

  2. Static: "Nosferatu" Tombstone

    Halloween Props
    For my first ever custom tombstone, I decided to combine my love for horror film and make it for Count Orlok, better known as "Nosferatu". For being my first ever stone, I am extremely proud of it, and wanted to share it.
  3. Static: Nosferatu Scuplt Costume - This years costume / Next years static prop

    Halloween Props
    This will be a static prop next year as I am never out in the graveyard as the same thing twice but here is my Nosferatu costume from last night...It was great when parents would send their kids to get in a picture with "it" not knowing "it" was alive...LOL. What screams soon arose, what fun...
  4. Nosferatu prosthetic make up question

    Hello. I'll start off by saying I'm a bit of a novice. I purchased a sweet Nosferatu prosthetic that I am looking forward to wearing this Halloween. I've seen several tutorials that say to use PAX make up to color the prosthetic. I am wondering if I should also use the PAX to achieve the pale...
  5. Classic Horror Movies Vs. Today's Horror Movies

    Horror Discussion
    Hello Ghouls and Fiends, I for one am not a big fan of Today's Horror movies. I'm prefer the Classics. I know some of you on here are fan of today's horror movies. Some People say the old classics are boring and NOT scary. Some make fun of how cheaply made they were, like pointing out the...