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  1. My Costume Ideas

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    So, I'm thinking that for Halloween this year, I will be dressed as a Roman Emperor. Not a specific Emperor, just a generic Caesar, and I'm planning out a costume for it. I am a pretty tall and stocky guy, so I'm going to buy a King-size white bed sheet for the toga and either a white tank top...
  2. Mike meyers on American Ninja Warrior

    Haunted Humor
    On American ninja warrior
  3. Avatar Signatures

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Stupid question but I see no way to edit the signature or title next to the Avatar. I know how to edit my signature but see no way to do this. I see many members have funny and cool titles like "Reaper Queen" and "My other ride is a ninja" "Margarita Goddess" and so on. So can anyone tell me...
  4. Need ideas for Assassin costume

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hey guys, I'm new to the the forum and this is my first post (so please, easy with the banhammers =P). I've got my mind set on an assassin costume for this Halloween, but as of yet, have no idea where I would find the items/materials/etc. for making it. Here are some pictures of my model: My...