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  1. My Disney-themed Halloween Projection Mapping Show

    General Halloween
    Hello, foolish mortals! Last year I decided to recreate one of my favorite shows at the Disneyland Resort, Halloween Screams, and thought that you all might want to see it (better late then never, right?). I plan to finish an axeworthy ghost type setup of the Zero dog from Nightmare Before...
  2. Static: This is Halloween: My Nightmare Before Christmas decorations 2017

    Halloween Props
    I got it into my head to do NBC as a theme last year, not really sure why but this thing really wanted to get built so I tried to get out of the way. My large pieces were: Jack Oogie Boogie Moon/hill Crypt seat with peeping eyes And then I also did: Zero Zero's house/stone Roofline...
  3. Prop Showcase: The nightmare before christmas in my attic

    Halloween Props
    Hi - I am new here. I guess it was 3 years ago I came across the life sized Jack Skellington in a Walgreens store here in North Carolina. Without hesitation I bought him, buckled him in the front seat on the truck and brought him home. When I saw him I knew where he would go: right up in the...
  4. Prop Showcase: Nightmare before Christmas Display 2013 Grand Finale!!

    Halloween Props
    Here are the pictures from this years Halloween display. It was the biggest display we've ever done and I was so happy that I finished everything I wanted to and that I wasn't sewing or building anything on Halloween. The neat thing about our display is that we get alot of adults that...
  5. Static: Nightmare before Christmas Display 2013 "Stage One"

    Halloween Props
    Here's what we have set up for our 2013 Nightmare before Christmas display so far. I'm calling this "stage one" which is the spiral hill and moon, tombstones, scarecrow jack, some lighting and a few spiders and pumpkins.
  6. Nightmare Before Christmas Circus

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    My 8 year old daughter wants to do a Nightmare before Christmas halloween party with a circus twist in our backyard. She wants me to be Sally and my husband to be Jack, and all three of our kids be lock shock and barrel... I have some interesting ideas in my head, but I'm more morbid in thinking...
  7. Halloween Highlights 2012

    General Halloween
    Since the 4th of July has come and gone (and now that it's officially Halloween season in my mind:)), I thought I'd finally post some photos from Halloween 2012. It was a fantastic Nightmare Before Christmas-themed year, complete with a Tim Burton Tree, life-sized Oogie Boogie, and detailed...
  8. Mechanical: Cheap Jack in the box prop

    Halloween Props
    I dont know what toy or moter I can hack to have the pumpkin head go up and down. the box is cardboard but will have a weight inside holding it down. and there will be a string to pull the top down when the pumpkin goes back down in the box. meserments are in inches the rest of the pictures...
  9. Mechanical: Help with flying Zero the ghost dog

    Halloween Props
    from the pictures I saw there isn't a fcg strings holding him and I wonder if theres a way to make my zero fly the one in this ride? I was wanting the micanics under him and making him move.
  10. Upside down flying crank ghost?

    Im making a prop of Zero the ghost dog hovering over his dog house. zero is light weight. heres a pic of my zero. http://skellingtonghost.deviantart.com/gallery/24273553?offset=24#/d35skbd Why im thinking of an "upside down FCG" is that I dont have place to hang from above. and would perfer to...
  11. Static: Christmas Morning Nightmare part 2

    Halloween Props
    This year I decided to add The Killer Wreath and Zero. Enjoy
  12. Static: Life size Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Props

    Halloween Props
    :) Here are my Nightmare Before Christmas props! They are all life size characters and other props from the movie. I am constructing Sally now! check out my link! i would love to see other people Nightmare props too! http://diynmbcprops.blogspot.com/
  13. Pneumatic: Need help cheap jack in box

    Halloween Props
    are any of you good with figuring out the michanics of making a prop from skratch? i'm clueless when it comes to this kind of prop http://wolfstone.halloweenhost.com/PropsMisc/pmppop_PumpkinPopup.html im working on my jack in the box prop and the box is cardboard...
  14. Halloween Songs to Christmas Melodies

    Halloween Music
    So you've heard 'Nightmare Before Christmas' by Tim Burton. I love that stuff. I also get the song 'This is Halloween' stuck in my head. I love it. Another artist by the name of 'Nooshi' has a new Halloween album that is worth checking out if you like 'Nightmare Before Christmas'...