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  1. Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    If you haven't seen/heard NHC is not happening again this year. I loved NHC, because it was only a two hour drive away for me. There were vendors and classes for home and pro, and it focused on Halloween not just horror. Now it looks like it may be dead, and I'm at a loss. Like most haunters...
  2. Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    Johnny Thunder and I will be at HAuNT Con and Scream Team Members Allen Hopps, Ed Gannon and Grimlock will all be at the National Haunters Convention this weekend. Make sure to stop by and hang out with the Scream Team. If you haven't already, subscribe at our booth. We have some prizes to...
  3. Announcements / Press Releases
    National Haunters Convention, Greater Philadelphia Expo Center 100 Station Avenue Oaks, PA, May 4-6. The NHC is giving EVERY Hauntcast subscriber a $25 VIP ticket to the 2012 National Haunters Convention. So any subscriber that goes to the show immediately saves back $25. Just thought I would...
1-3 of 4 Results