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  1. Announcements / Press Releases
    This week on Haunted Radio, we are wrapping up the haunt and Halloween season with news on Burger King, They Live, and more!! Then, we announce the full list of winners that you voted for in our annual Golden Corpse Awards. We also induct the four newest members of our Haunted Hall of Fame...
  2. Announcements / Press Releases
    Hey Ghoul Gang! Please tune in everyday to check the newest uploads to my new Album in my profile for this years 31 Days of Halloween, Ive been doing this for 10 years and bug things are happening! Hope everyone is having a GREAT October so far!! Big things coming...
  3. Member Introduction
    Just wanted to say hello and let everyone know how much I appreciate you all and this site! I've been a Halloween lover/addict for about 19 years now. Like most of you, I've already started working on my newest props for this year, and am looking forward to seeing your works of art, and sharing...
  4. Forum News and Rules
    Welcome to our newest Halloween Forum sponsor: HalloweenCostumes.com! Do check out their sponsored posts for some lovely tricks and treats! Evolution of Halloween Authentic Freddy Krueger Mask It's Not Too Late To Get Your Costume Thanks so much for your support of Halloween Forum!
  5. Halloween Props
    (still need to add the eyes on this one). See video on how I made this one: https://photos.google.com/u/1/album/AF1QipOCdiGTNbhgbKJSyfSfpBl0_AbM6UyDnSgx4IY9
  6. General Halloween
    As many of you already know The Real Story of Halloween is the newest Halloween documentary that runs on the History Channel every October. I love this newest one and the older one as well! :-) What are some of your thoughts on this documentary and the older one?
  7. Halloween Props
    My newest styrofoam sculpt the Basket reaper.
  8. Halloween Props
    My father in law gave these to my kids a year ago. They do not use them and my wife was going to put them in with the recycling. I have saved them for now. I am undecided on what to do with them, but I have some ideas, but I am open to suggestions. The smallest is approximately 12"x18", the...
1-8 of 8 Results