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  1. Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    For those that have been before feel free to leave tips and destinations for those newbies this year.
  2. Halloween Props
    We built a pirate ship to raise awarness to Hunger in our community. We had a huge food drive for 3 weeks before halloween. We are new at this so be kind. We are newbies at decorating for halloween.
  3. Member Introduction
    Hi I'm Amy , I'm not new , but I'm in a new home decorating it first time and I have zero, zip nada haunt freinds IRL. so I thought I'd just say hi and welcome to all the newbies. Pugs and Hisses-whynotgrl666
  4. General Halloween
    Mostly newbies, three tours for a total of only seven "bodies", but it sure was FUN! I got a pretty teenage girl to scream like no one could believe, in the afternoon, in a sunny room, in front of her two girlfriends, much laughter followed, and of course I was laughing with them! (N plain...