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  1. Hi

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    Hello all I'm new here obviously lol the names Randy aka BooAdict I do have one question. I saw at the Spirit Halloween store the talking Jack-o-lantern that swings, my question is does anyone know where I can buy the motor the use? I makes a slow back and forth Motion with arms shaped like...
  2. Prop Showcase: One of my First TOMBSTONES...SWEENEY TODD

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    Anytime I can do artwork of Johnny Depp...I'm a happy camper!!!
  3. Hi...I'm new. LOVE this website and all the great ideas and tutorials! Thank you!

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    I'm new to all the Halloween decorating but I found this website and it has kicked off a new passion...Just wanted to say THANK YOU to Terra for the great tutorials and everyone for the great ideas! I did my first tombstones this month and I keep adding one each week. They are great fun but lots...
  4. Hello, Im new

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    Hello everyone I'm Dave aka Theworkofghosts. Glad to be here. Nice to know I am not the only Halloween nut around :) I hope to learn a few things and even share some of my own ideas about Halloween and all that goes along with it. Cheers Theworkofghosts
  5. Hello from Monica!

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    Hey guyss, my name's Monica and i love halloween <3 :)
  6. hey everybody

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    Hello all i love this site, Thanks to you guys i have started building many props and i love halloween again, my name is dave i live in new jersey and well happy halloween