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  1. Our 2018 yard haunt "Pestilence"

    General Halloween
    Some pics of our yard haunt from 2018. Had a lot of fun with this theme. I didn't have the chance to display the Wasp props I got from Nevermore Productions, but those will be setup this year. Also the last 3 pics was taken a week before we setup the awesome sewer facade from Nevermore Productions.
  2. Static: Some of my larger animated props from unit 70 and Nevermore Productions.

    Halloween Props
    Here is a couple of pics of some of my large animated props. I do have some electronic and static props as well, which I'll upload in a few.
  3. Other "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe, present I made for someone

    Halloween Crafts
    I've been crafting at my moms house today,and when I showed my dad my eyeball wreath he said I should name the bird nevermore...So it got me to thinking and I decided to make him his own nevermore bird :cool: I didn't put a ton of time into it,but I wanted to get it done before he took off so I...
  4. 2010 Costumes: Nevermore & Lady Reaper In Progress

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Greetings, all! I’m about to finally get back into working on my two costumes for Halloween 2010, and I figured I would start a thread not only to offer ideas to others about my techniques but also as a way to hopefully get advice as I go along, encountering plenty of projects that I have never...