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  1. Prop controller lot - 3 nerve centers

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    Sorry already sold. Can't figure out how to delete post.
  2. Electronic/Software: monster guts nerve center

    Halloween Props
    I have a monster guts nerve center. Does anyone have the instructions for these? There used to be a video somewhere online also but I cant seem to find it now.
  3. Electronic/Software: Monster guts nerve center

    Halloween Props
    I acquired a nerve center controller but it is missing the terminal block for hooking the wires up. Does anyone know where I can get one that would fit. electronics are not my specialty.
  4. Electronic/Software: Need Help with Monster Guts Nerve Center

    Halloween Props
    I'm needing some help getting my Nerve Center to run continuously. It's worked in the past but now not so much. I have a wire jumping the trigger terminals. The trigger light comes on but the prop doesn't fire until I pull the wire OUT. It doesn't seem to matter if I have the trigger set for NC...
  5. Electronic/Software: Monster guts nerve center with 240v pir ?

    Halloween Props
    I have a monster guts nerve center and would like to use a 240v pir as a trigger. I just want to know if it will be safe to do, i don't want the nerve center blowing up on me or something like that. Thanks Phil :D
  6. Electronic/Software: How do i wire this pir ?

    Halloween Props
    ]I bought this pir motion sensor to use as a trigger with my nerve center there are 3 wires to connect to, Red,blue and brown My question is how would i wire the pir to the nerve center ? Thanks phil :D